Due to the increasingly serious environmental pollution and changes of people's daily eating habits and lifestyle, the body will produce large amounts of free radicals so that the body is apt to cause a variety of diseases. It results in damage to various organs of the body. Iron will rust in the airs because tracks stay in long-term role of the sun and acidic oxides plus rainwater which contains a wide variety of acidic oxides. The tracks are changed in the role of these oxidants oxidative. If they have not timely protective treatment, the track will soon be eroded. While the body's metabolism and rails oxidations are similar.

Human body has similar rust phenomenon every day. It is called free radicals in medicine. Its hazards to the human body, mainly in the destruction of damaged caused by the body cells. In the normal living environment, the dangers of free radicals, this is because the human body itself has some anti-free radical substances, when the body's concentration of these glutathione substances decreased, the balance is broken, it weakened the radicals damage the defense capabilities will lead to a variety of diseases: such as aging, meniere's syndrome, atherosclerosis, bacterial meningitis, cerebral vascular disease, deterioration of retinal plaques, Parkinson's disease, visual meningitis nervous system diseases and so on. At this time must pass to supplement natural antioxidants to improve the body's free radical detoxification, astaxanthin, with its powerful role in naturally as a complementary choice.

In 1956, scientists discovered the toxic effects of superoxide. Until today people have identified a number of free radicals. Their toxic effects and over 100 kinds of diseases (malignancies, atherosclerosis, AIDS, arthritis, etc.). The antioxidant is a safe and free radical reactions, free radical damage to important molecules prevent the chain reaction before molecules. They have found in the intracellular and extracellular many chemical substances with antioxidant capacity, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and carotenoids. Aastaxanthin and tretinoin in 1938 was first isolated from the lobster out. It is a powerful natural antioxidant. Quenching of the single form of oxygen free radical scavenging and the end of the peroxidation chain reaction, thereby protecting cells from oxidation damage.

Study found that astaxanthin antioxidant capacity is 10 times the beta carotene and it is 60 times than the procyanidins. For vitamin E, it is 550 times. At present, the international use of natural astaxanthin development of human nutrition and health food and medicine, its product positioning in strengthening the immune system, cancer, protect the retina from ultraviolet radiation and photo-oxidation, anti-inflammatory, prevention of blood LDL-cholesterol oxidative damage and other aspects.

Astaxanthin products which are beneficial to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome also has functions of sports fatigue mitigation and protection of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. The technology company is also developing drugs for the treatment of myocardial infarction. U.S. launches the astaxanthin capsules and sunscreen to prevent UV radiation while the Japanese develops two topical skin preparations, anti-inflammatory agents and beverages containing astaxanthin. They can be used to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation damage. Astaxanthin also be used in cosmetics.Source:http://www.cosprm.com