With strong stimulus in the outside world (such as microbial infection, trauma, exposure to antigen, etc.), skin will show the symptoms of swelling and pain medicine called inflammation. Humans as early as in thousands of years ago, recognized that anti-inflammatory effect of aloe. In recent years, experiments of tretinoin manufacturer prove to have a strong inhibitory effect of aloe on the antigenic and allergenic compounds induced histamine release, very effective for the treatment of acute contact allergy. International efficacy of products, Also specialized in aloe mucous mask as use cosmetics appear allergic reaction after the treatment product use.Therearelots of drugswith anti-allergic effects, such as adrenal corticosteroids (such as fluocinolone acetonide, dexamethasone), antihistamines (such as diphenhydramine, chlorpheniramine, etc.), these products with a variety of side effects  is prohibited used in cosmetics. But we can say that Aloe Vera is widely recognized as the safest natural allergy.  

The stain is a very tough enemy of the beauty industry and the medical profession . its causes is complex. In general, the main factor in the formation of stain is genetic factors, ultraviolet radiation, endocrine disorders, diseases and lifestyle issues and other factors, at the same time, the use of substandard cosmetics or skin care improper, will make dull complexion mottled. Somebody will say that  the  laser  can  clean sweep the stain ,but the laser destroyed only the epidermis into the pigment spots in the dermal layer of the words, it is not used. And laser makes skin damaged, so the stain will soon rebound and even cause inflammation stain . At present, whitening skin care products on the market more  used of additives, such as retinoic acid, tartaric acid, kojic acid, vitamin C, arbutin. Every skin whitening product has its own advantages and disadvantages, even if it is the latest whitening functional additives arbutin concentration in excess, it will also cause an increase in melanin. 

While in the cosmetics industry, the biggest headache is allergies. When the Allergy rate is too high, it will have a direct impact on products promotion, the impact of products market share, reduce the trust of the people to the brand. Allergenic cosmetics flavors, preservatives and active ingredients (such as lanolin, placenta extract, acid, retinoic acid, salicylic acid, etc.), which in turn are indispensable cosmetic raw materials, or reflect the cosmetics special effects and a selling point of the composition. Add allergy in high-end cosmetics, in order to reduce the allergy rate is undoubtedly the best choice, as allergy ingredients, aloe vera, of course is the first choice.  

People who ever contacted with aloe knows, aloe vera to all sorts of trauma, cuts and bruises, burns and scalds and insect sting injury, sun sunburn, can show good analgesic effect of healing. Modern medical research showed that as China's folk medicine has thousands of years history of the application of aloe vera, indeed has the very good wound healing effect. As for cosmetics, promote wound healing have special meaning: skin exposed, it is easy to damage by being exposed to the elements, etc, appear tiny wound. Dry rough, tarnished skin most often appear with tiny wound relevant. Aloe vera can accelerate tiny wound healing, can significantly improve the skin appearance, make the skin more delicate, soft, moist.  

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