The role of popular whitening ingredient is basically as the following now, first, inhibition of the "three-enzyme one element" of the activity, the second is to promote the skin off, to speed up the excretion of melanin, the three melanoma cell is selectively toxic. Whitening products on the market following the instructions in the highest frequency of several components, their efficacy and safety do?
Kojic Acid: the ability to inhibit tyrosinase activity in comparison tests found that the existing whitening ingredients, it's the most obvious effect. However, kojic acid is generally from Penicillium, Aspergillus and other filamentous fungi extract is a type of toxic cells, and therefore not fully popularized on the market. Arbutin: cell proliferation without affecting the concentration of bears fruit can temporarily reduce the formation of melanin, that is, its security is relatively high. Arbutin Myricitrin and bears grape called vasopressin, extracts from plants. Vitamin c: Vitc role are two, one will restore the dark oxidation of melanin melanin as the reduction of light, and second, inhibition of melanin intermediates dopa quinone. Vitc is used in whitening products in the first, and one representative of the additives. Vitc security is very good, but stability is poor, if not protection, in creams will quickly lose their activity. In order to stabilize Vitc, various approaches have been proposed, such as the use of pectin in the orange meat to keep Vitc natural activity, the Vitc wrapped in pectin until the coating to the skin, the pectin is destroyed, Vitc were released out. Kiwi, lemon, tomatoes, hawthorn is rich in beauty Vitc food. Directly with fresh kiwi and cucumber slices surface covered, skin is a good idea. Aloe: Aloe is play a decisive role in the aloin and its derivatives. Aloe Vera is used in whitening products because it has a good after-sun skin care effect, astaxanthin reduce the stimulation because ultraviolet light brought the black skin of. Aloe Vera is 90 years to discover the amazing beauty of plants, almost all-powerful - moisturizing, sun protection, freckle, wrinkle, whitening, anti-aging, and even hair. Is said to use fresh aloe vera juice is the Egyptian queen Cleopatra beauty secret. Tips: Ms. aloe plant at home, when the skin care to cut short, fresh, economic, effective and convenient. Definitely - kind of recommended care program. To buy time to pay attention to the varieties of aloe, the best choice for large plant type, the application of a long history of Aloe vera (Aloe vera, also known as Cuiye).
Acid (AHA): acid is extracted from the fruits of organic acids, because the source is not the same, and some manufacturers also put them in a manual called the grape extract, apple essence. Generally, whitening products, only 3% used a low concentration of acid, intermediate concentrations of fruit wine is generally used to freckle, more than 20% of high concentrations of acid can only be used under the guidance of professional skin . Appeared from the acid, its security argument did not stop. According to the magazine, using the acid product was blistering, burns and other symptoms, the use of acid after the skin becomes more sensitive to ultraviolet light is recognized. Placenta extract: placental extract by promoting peeling of the stratum corneum cells, accelerate the excretion of melanin whitening effect. As the role of placental extract mild, safe, particularly the Japanese cosmetics manufacturers prefer to use. However, because of placenta extract is rich in nutrients, very easy to spoilage, so the cosmetics manufacturers have a high level of health management requirements. Licorice extract: extract from licorice root from oil-soluble part of the licorice extract can inhibit tyrosinase and dopachrome each variable activity of the enzyme, water-soluble salts of licorice have a mild anti-inflammatory effect, the general added After the sun care products, to eliminate the strong sunlight on the skin after minor inflammation. Licorice extract security is very good. No adverse skin reactions were reported. Mulberry extract: it is developed by the French the latest whitening ingredients, the role of gentle and effective, natural whitening. Endothelin antagonist agents: Endothelin in the skin, uneven distribution, tretinoin the main cause of stain. Endothelin antagonist, into the skin, and melanoma cell membrane receptors can be combined, so that loss of the role of endothelin. Endothelin antagonist is - kind of very new material, which represents the current level of whitening the latest technology.
In fact, many products use more than one whitening ingredients whitening ingredient which is due to a general darkening of the skin only a step from the inhibition, cosmetics material to effectively control the darkening of the skin, the need for all aspects of control, this is the recent popular "synergy" whitening theory. From this perspective, the use of two or more whitening ingredient products containing the results were better. Source: