At present, there are nutritious health food and medicines using astaxanthin as raw material in the international market. Its product is positioning in strengthening the immune system, cancer, protect the retina against ultraviolet rays and photo- oxidation, anti-inflammatory, which prevents blood LDL cholesterol levels, oxidative damage and other aspects.

Aquaculture industry has always been the largest market for astaxanthin. Plant breeding in the marketing of fish and shellfish (such as salmon, shrimp, crab, rainbow trout, etc.), most often added to foods to meet astaxanthin pigment, it can increase the value market the product. Astaxanthin not only as a coloring agent for aquaculture animals, increasing evidence has confirmed that astaxanthin is essential vitamins aquatic animals, their normal growth and reproductive health and to improve survival rates reproduction are extremely important. Astaxanthin may increase Atlantic salmon in some organizations, vitamins A, C, E and content, can stimulate the immune system of rainbow trout. Astaxanthin is also crucial for the development of eggs glutathione and larvae of shrimp, astaxanthin in the food, can improve the survival rate of juveniles and the Red Sea buoyancy of eggs and survival of carp, and strengthen structure of cells and red tilapia glycogen storage in the liver, and salmon spawning period may increase the survival rate of eggs and fertilization rate of growth.

Global aquaculture industry increases the percentage of 24 percent per year is currently $ 35 billion per year will reach $ 49 billion in 2010. Natural astaxanthin market is largely influenced by global constraints in production capacity, the international market price is over $ 3000 per kg, is powered solely a capacity of salmon market is 185 million, and increase the rate of 8 percent per year, showed a great potential market.

Natural astaxanthin as eggs and poultry and livestock feed additives, the market capacity of U.S. $ 125 million, the demand continues to grow. Astaxanthin added to poultry feed, may increase in egg yolk content of pigment, which is mainly to discuss the parameters of European consumers. It can also increase the rate of chicken egg, to promote the health of chickens. Meanwhile, heat 3 weeks earlier, but also to promote growth and feed tretinoin utilization of chickens to reduce mortality of poultry, hatching rate, resistance to Salmonella infection, prolong the shelf life of eggs.

Astaxanthin becomes the feed additive for pigs, the growth of pig semen volume, increase volume and survival rate in pigs. Astaxanthin is an active anti-stress factors can increase the capacity to feed anti-stress and pets of the family, extreme temperatures and sudden environmental changes caused by weight loss and limited immunity to reduce to a minimum. Ball of red rain Health powdered seaweed esterified astaxanthin is best ingredients in some formulations of drugs to prevent and treat muscle dysfunction of the horse, cow mastitis and Helicobacter pylori-induced inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Source: