Astaxanthin is a non-vitamin A carotenoids. It has multiple physiological effects, such as strong oxidation resistance and anti-tumor effects. It is widely used in the fields of food, medicine, cosmetics and feed. In nearly 10years, China began the study of astaxanthin and made rapid development.

The protective effect of astaxanthin on the body is mainly due to its antioxidant activity. The cosmetic raw material astaxanthin is a chain breaking anti-oxidant and has more lively and electronic effects. It can react on electronic or hydrogen atoms and free radicals and absorb the excess energy of free radicals. It makes the free radical into non-active or less stable compounds, which interrupt the course of free radical oxidation to eliminate the purpose of the oxidation reaction, to prevent the damage of other molecules or cells.

Radicals and the occurrence of certain cancers there is some connection. Radicals have strong oxidation and oxidative damage of lipids and proteins, in more serious cases can cause DNA chain scission, gene mutation cause cancer. Researchers study found that astaxanthin can effectively prevent and treat certain cancers, such as bladder cancer, oral cancer, and skin cancer. Through the strengthening of junctional connectivity, astaxanthin makes the carcinogen-induced cell into an extension of the communications network. The normal cell has its advantage and isolates cancer cells. It reduces the links between cancer cells and makes carcinogen-induced cell stable. It also controls its growth.

Astaxanthin can significantly enhance the body of local and systemic immunity, anti-inflammatory, anti-pylori infection. This immunomodulatory properties and anti-oxidation phase-play an important role in the occurrence and spread of disease prevention. Astaxanthin can significantly promote the immune function of the thymus-dependent antigen stimulation under long cell-mediated antibody producing capacity, increasing the number of secreting cells, supplement astaxanthin help to restore the aging animal's immunity, and enhance animal. Oral administration of astaxanthin pigment can significantly enhance muscle strength and endurance. It improves physical fitness and reduced fatigue.

The astaxanthin sources can fight against oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid, cholesterol and low density lipoprotein in human body. It has better preventive effect in artery atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases and can be widely used in functional food, health care products and cosmetics, anti-aging products. Astaxanthin cable has a unique effect to improve vision. It is a natural eye care vitamin raw materials which can directly improve the vision. It has good results in the prevention and treatment of age-related depending on macular degeneration and can improve retinal function.

Astaxanthin is conducive to the restoration central nervous system. Astaxanthin is the only carotenoids which can get through the blood-brain barrier. Its antioxidant capacity can be extended to the brain. It removes free radicals in the nervous system and plays a protective role. Because antioxidant capacity of astaxanthin is much excellent than that of vitamin E and β-carotene, it is a candidate for the treatment of nervous system disease and meniere syndrome disease.