Sunscreen cosmetics is the hot spots of the development of global cosmetics industry in recent years. As people's living standards, design requirements for sunscreen products from both UVA UVB protection to the development of protective organic molecules. Protection concept has been developed to protect the face from exposure to sunlight for the protection of other parts of the body.
Currently, the types of sunscreen cosmetics are: sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen powder and sunscreen lipstick and so on. Consumers of soft white skin of the pursuit, the "sun" has become one of the basic functions of skin care products. Sunscreen is a local supplies, the user will be exempt from the damage of UV rays. Sunscreen actives contained in the general chemical substances or their harmful UV rays out of reflection and scattering, astaxanthin or absorption of these rays and the energy they consume. Reflection and scattering of UV rays for the metal oxide compounds, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These compounds must be coated to prevent them from taking part in chemical reactions in sunlight may reduce the effectiveness of sunscreens. The radiation absorbed and consumed energy from organic compounds, carbon-containing chemicals, often referred to as UV filters, they may also affect the effective performance of sunscreen, because exposure to sunlight will interfere with chemical reaction.
Some experts believe that sunscreen cosmetics will show the following trends in the development of high-SPF sunscreen increase. Sun protection factor greater than 15 or 2O product will be significantly increased, which is constantly being destroyed the ozone layer and people want their desire for better protection. However, higher SPF sunscreen means that the greater the concentration added, causing the greater the likelihood of skin allergies, sun control coefficient should be less than 2O is a better choice.
UV radiation causes the skin to produce free radicals, accelerated aging. Solve this problem, in addition to increasing the ability of the product UV radiation, but also can be used in the formulation of some free radical scavengers, such as vitamin E, biotin because in order to make the products block 100% of ultraviolet rays is very difficult. The study found that in the sunscreen formula fortified with vitamin E, vitamin C and its derivatives, p-carotene and other active ingredients, the product can increase the UV protection, prevent aging.
Add a natural sunscreen ingredients sunscreen products will reduce the amount of sunscreen, improve product performance, formulators are looking for some natural sunscreen ingredients added to the formulations. According to reports from Argentina, a green pigment alcohol extract made from liposomes before adding sunscreen, you can significantly reduce the damage of UV on the skin and inhibit the emergence of signs of aging.
As consumers of skin conditions (including color), use of the environment, the purpose of such use is not exactly the same, so the products targeted to meet the needs of people deep. Sensitive skin requires products of both high security, glutathione but also requires efficient all-round protection. Also require high resistance to water capacity dedicated to outdoor use sunscreen when swimming. In addition, skiing, tourism and other special occasions, sunscreen, and a greater market development prospects.
Some experts estimate that if enough sunscreen products for children 18 years of age, the incidence of skin cancer will be reduced by 70%. "Sunscreen start from children" has become a growing consensus. Source: