Yellow marshmallow is a perennial herb distributed in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan. It belongs to malvaceae okra genus and its roots, stems, leaves, flowers and seeds can be used for medicinal. People use its leaves deposite into powder. It has the functions of sprinkle the swelling and pain, boils to gangrene. It root contains 16% of phlegm. They are mainly arab glycans, galactose and rhamnose polysaccharide. Flowers contain anthocyanin pigments. In addition, in the yellow sunflower, the ingredients of beta-sitosterol, myricetin and its glucoside are found.

Yellow hollyhock with diuresis, stasis, swelling, detoxification effect, added to cosmetics, should be able to reach the attending acne, anti-inflammatory, pus cell role. Japan reported that the yellow hollyhock used in cosmetics materialas a thickener to preparation of the cream emulsion. Yellow hollyhock cosmetics are few in today’s Chinese market.

Acne, also known as acne, acne is a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous hair follicles, mainly in adolescent girls and boys of the face, back, longer duration, and recurrent. Not treated early, inappropriate disposal, often left over scar and pigmentation affect the face of America, one of the growth of youth in trouble.

Many of the popular anti-acne product efficacy is not ideal, because more products for the preparation of emulsion cream, acne patients are generally oily skin, use of emulsion preparation, because of the presence of grease, excessive adverse inhibition of sebum secretion, The poor anti-acne effect; good product, but some of the effects of skin irritation because of containing alcohol, salicylic acid, antibiotics and other ingredients. To this end, the market is committed to the development of a yellow hollyhock as the main raw material, efficacy and strong water formulation does not contain alcohol, salicylic acid, astaxanthin, antibiotics, anti-acne cosmetic liquid.

Polysaccharide compounds are rich in hydroxyl. It can be combined with more water and has moisturizing properties. The yellow hollyhock contains arab glycans, galactose, and rhamnose polysaccharides such as water-soluble macromolecules. Yellow hollyhock and a variety of natural plant compound soaked from the anti-acne beauty fluid, with heat and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory effect of the inhibitory and can quickly eliminate and inhibit the growth of facial acne, effective decomposition of the acne bacteria, toxins, and prevent the formation caused by acne the red marks. A variety of plant extracts have effective deep penetration for the skin. It can balance oil secretion, shrink pores, improve skin texture, leaving skin smooth and make skin delicate. Source: