Zinc oxide is an important branch of Inorganic zinc salt. Zinc oxide, as a basic chemical raw material, it has a wide range of applications. With the development of science and technology, so many characteristics of zinc oxide are found. The characteristics and functions of Zinc oxide are applied to the development of new science and new industries, as an important basic chemical raw materials and new materials which is indispensable to the national economy. For example, zinc oxide on the twenty-first century is known as the new material. Consists of zinc oxide zinc oxide indirect method, direct method zinc oxide, zinc oxide and wet. Mainly used for rubber electronics, pharmaceutical coatings and other industries, especially rubber, electronics and other industries using the most high-end products, an indirect 99.7% purity of zinc oxide; mid-range products with a purity of more than 95% of the direct method zinc oxide; oil-based paints used in most direct method lead-zinc oxide. Zinc oxide industry is the rapid development of the past 10 years the industry. 10 years ago, the production of zinc oxide in the national small business, corporate annual 3000T does not exceed 20. As the national economy with a high development of zinc oxide in increasing domestic demand, promote the development of zinc oxide manufacturers, production capacity continues to expand. From the last five years to see the incomplete statistics, the indirect method zinc oxide production capacity from more than 100,000 T, has risen to more than 300,000 T; wet zinc oxide less than 3000T, has risen to 30,000 T; national scale of that the direct method zinc oxide zinc oxide, zinc oxide indirect method zinc oxide production capacity and the temperature has reached 1 million T / A or more (those that produce low-grade zinc oxide were not included in the statistics). It is also a wide distribution, a larger number of more complex materials, extensive management industry. However, recycling of zinc resources has a larger space. Past five years, the reason why zinc oxide production capacity increased rapidly, especially the rapid development of the indirect method zinc oxide, mainly to benefit from China's automotive industry and highways, power grids and appliances, high-speed digital communications industries development. Such as radial tires to use the indirect method zinc oxide, radial tire past three years 25% -30% annual pace in 2005, more than 50% of the total tire, making the indirect method zinc oxide simultaneous rapid development. At the same time, the rapid development of international and domestic magnetic materials, especially the production of soft magnetic materials is the world's first production. China has become the world's manufacturing center Ferrite Magnets. In the zinc-manganese ferrite, with zinc oxide is the main raw material. Soft magnetic materials in high-end manufacturing, to be produced using the indirect method of high-grade varistor zinc oxide. Magnetic materials has promoted the development of high-quality zinc oxide production and technological progress. The zinc oxide of the special features, once again led the country's research and development of zinc oxide, zinc oxide can produce real products and a handful of enterprises. Functional zinc oxide, zinc oxide research, after all, a zinc oxide to promote the development of industry and technological progress. In the use of resources, resource conservation, cost reduction, the activity of zinc oxide prospects better. In recent years, wet zinc oxide has been considerable development; this trend will be a continuation for a long time.
Rubber tire industry, the one which use the largest number of zinc oxide, is still accounts for about 60% of the total number of zinc oxide. It includes the direct method zinc oxide, zinc oxide indirect method and wet zinc oxide. By 2010, the radial tire has been able to maintain an annual growth of 20%. World-class tire companies have factories in China. World-class multinational companies has basically completed the layout in China. Required for high-end tire zinc oxide, zinc oxide production to the domestic enterprises to provide a broad market space for development. Therefore, domestic indirect methods zinc oxide, Titanium dioxide active zinc oxide content of 99% and the direct method zinc oxide on better prospects. Relatively fast development of China's magnetic materials industry in the past five years annual growth rate of 28%. As a new type of magnetic material, has a broad range of applications, and better market prospects. Especially manganese soft ferrite production to account for more than 60%, the relatively large amount of zinc oxide. Magnetic materials of domestic enterprises, private enterprises are basically dominated. The magnetic high-end products are largely monopolized by foreign enterprises. China’s output value is less than magnetic industry a big business in Japan's output. With the invest of scientific research in China's magnetic materials and continuous development of high-end products, the demand for high purity, high-quality zinc oxide will be further expanded. The production of zinc oxide scale, product quality and technological level from domestic enterprises should be improved. Source:http://www.mhcocm.com