When oxygen has reacts with the complex compounds of metabolism in several molecules, the free radicals generate in the human body. Free radicals are highly unstable molecules that can interact with something at any time. When they react, the oxidation occurs. Once the oxidation occurs, the chain reaction begins and more free radicals are formed. If free radicals are generated freely, our bodies will have oxidation just like apple. Our body will have oxidation and be destroyed by free radicals. It makes the skin aging and produces the wrinkles or even leads to skin cancer. As we getting older and older, free radicals do harm to muscle strength and flexibility.


The body tissue without drastic weather affects the immune system. They weaken cells and damage DNA. Scientists believe that DNA damage is a major cause of aging. DNA showed that the material ideal growing group of enzymes in cells and production of other proteins, and controls the work of other cells. When DNA-damaged cells can not function properly as a number of potential problems and pain. Of course, DNA damage repairs, but sometimes by mistake, at worst, to establish lines of cancer cells. The immune system is to detect and eliminate several lines of tumor cells. The best way first to avoid damage to DNA. Cosmetic raw material antioxidants help to prevent damage by free radicals in the chamber to suppress.


Because the formation of free radicals, smoking, pollution, chemicals, free radicals results in a grid that people under the pressure of sunlight and exercise, but also heavy physical work, do your body a lot of free base. It is a safe antioxidant and free radical-radical reactions, to prevent important molecules in a chain reaction in molecules. Those rich in antioxidants in the body of free radicals, free radicals, antioxidants, reduce and prevent damage to the cells to grow. Many chemicals, antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E and carotenoids. Astaxanthin is a natural antioxidant may be stable in the form of quenching free radicals of oxygen and at the end of a chain reaction of lipid peroxidation, protecting cells from oxidative damage.


Natural astaxanthin may have an obvious advantage in the carotenoid family. It can clean the free radicals. It is known as super vitamin E or super antioxidant. Meanwhile, rheumatoid arthritis is the most common arthritis and a chronic destructive disease. It can cause great loss for life and production capacity of patients. The pain and inflammation are caused by oxidative damage of free radicals. Active antioxidant ingredients of astaxanthin can help in quenching these free radicals and oxidative damages to minimize. Clinical trials show that, for rheumatoid arthritis patients taking the astaxanthin capsules, regardless of the degree of joint pain, or the daily duration of pain, the ability of patients increase and it has no side effects.