Eye strain is a serious problem in social staffs. Working for a long time before visual displays will lead to all kinds of visual problems such as eye fatigue, blurred vision and eyes double vision. Clinical studies have shown that after continuous consumption of daily 4 mg astaxanthin (rain pluvialis extract) for four weeks, 46% of testers’ eye fatigue alleviate. For eye fatigue testers who use visual display increases, the effect is significantly. It can reduce eye pain, dry eye and eye fuzzy symptoms. Daily intake of 6-12 MG can be better.


In addition, drug treatment is found to eyestrain, Astaxanthin as eye fatigue may play a role. In the original survey of eye health and clinical evaluation of astaxanthin are signs of fatigue tests show that a waiver of, or the placebo group, showed the strength of the stimulus. The eyes can see the signs. Labor and it quickly to repair the heart of astaxanthin experiments have found that. Sense of the man, and my eyes get tired uieopyi astaxanthin is that it's natural condition.


Retina, in the sense of visible light, thus inflammation and snow to improve the blood principle of astaxanthin. Astaxanthin eyestrain, the principle of minimizing the risk of spreading or to prevent. Yes, natural, natural astaxanthin's anti-inflammatory properties, in your mind. Astaxanthin is a cataract in mice with high anti-oxidant to prevent inflammation of the eye itself is an activity to inhibit nitric oxide synthase. Astaxanthin's foot blood plays a large role.


The eyes of scientific research, fatigue, eyes completely resolved. Astaxanthin, but 50% of these patients, and the effect is more than sadness can win anthocyanins, lutein, blueberry eyes effect of astaxanthin 200 times. Of lutein and anthocyanins 150, it is natural Astaxanthin can alter the long-term sedulique eye lens of the eye muscles to improve the behavior of the pressure will certainly help alleviate that. The stimulation of blood inside the eye can be improved for cosmetic raw material suppliers. Lens and visual symptoms of food significantly improve blood supply to the retina.

All the drugs that across the blood brain can not be good medicines. Therefore, people can not believe those magical drugs which can not through the blood-brain barrier. The current study clearly points out that astaxanthin has many health benefits to the eyes. So the astaxanthin can be the best option among the drugs benefit for eyes.