Carpal tunnel syndrome is a very common disease of civilization while people’s jobs involving in hand movements dominated most. Sufferers of this disease are a progressive numbness, burning, swelling in the wrist. The hand movements are not very flexible. The weakness and other symptoms in the evening increases pain, even allow the patient to wake up from a painful dream.

The keyboard, the mouse is the most common cause of death in the carpal tunnel syndrome. As more and more motorists are cycling has become one of the biggest names on the murderer of the tube. The frequent use of the hands of the professions, such as musicians, professors, journalists, and journalists, architects, installers, etc. are likely to face in carpal tunnel syndrome.

Women are the main victims of the syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, which affects three times higher than men. In 30 to 60 age group, there is a majority. This is due to the fact that the male tubular arm is generally less than men, the median nerve is exposed to pressure wrist by cosmetic raw material suppliers. In addition, pregnant women, patients with rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes, hypertension, thyroid dysfunction, and even higher than the average person suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Move the mouse instead of a general is to develop good behavior, regardless of job or anyone else, should pay attention to the behavior of the hand and wrist. Since the computer keyboard in front of you, if the ramp is busy, can cause great tension in the wrist flexion, adjust the height of the chair more comfortable, your feet do not stay on the floor, had a vision on the screen at or slightly below. If you want to keep your wrists straight, not curved, but not more extended elbow 90 °. Sit on the back has a direct and close the back and use your legs to not affect blood flow. It should also be noted that the rest of the hand.

The first symptoms of mild thing are more important, if necessary, can be used to splint the wrist in plaster to fix it. A serious condition, the need to reduce carpal tunnel syndrome. If ignored for long periods may cause nerve damage, black palm, muscle necrosis. Unfortunately, not all improve after the operation.

Scientists carried out the astaxanthin taking test on patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. The trial was conducted in eight weeks. The results show that: after taking astaxanthin for four weeks on those patients with carpal tunnel syndromes, there is a significant rate of pain reduction and pain time shortened. In the 4th weeks and 8th weeks, the numbers of pain in daytime are respectively 27% and 41%. The pain reductions are 21% and 36% in shortening. The extensive witness information of penitents with carpal tunnel syndrome confirms that natural astaxanthin is a feasible method alternative to surgery.Source: