Since the Harvard researchers have extracted a substance named ‘astaxanthin’ from carotenel, it appears, it gets widespread concern in medical circles and  brings the spring for beauty industry.  Its strong antioxidant is much excellent than other substances. In simple words, it is not only the wrinkles of bane but also a statesman with great achievements the on anti-aging aspects, (Refer to academic theory to explain it : the structural characteristics of astaxanthin makes it easy react with free radicals. And it will remove free radicals and paly an important on antioxidants for skin care products. It will effect with anti-aging and reduce wrinkles and pigment.
A growing number of businessmen are optimistic about astaxanthin’s commercial value, especially the beauty products composed of astaxanthin. The effects of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effect are amazing. Almost  all line of global cosmetics brand adds  the natural astaxanthin as super antioxidant ingredients, including Estee Lauder, L'Oreal DermaE, especially  Japan's brand Kose, FanciI, JUJU, FUJI, DHC and Mentholatum, etc. They launches a special series of astaxanthin moisturizing cream, anti-wrinkle eye cream, facial mask, lipstick and so on. When you see red or orange antioxidant, and the price reaches hundreds dollars Those cosmetics also adds this substances named astaxanthin. However, synthetic astaxanthin need high cost. Considering the product quality and cost, businesses are willing to spend big money to hire experts to study in depth the mystery of astaxanthin. As the saying goes, Brave fellows are bound to come forward when a high reward is offered. Some companies obtain high-purity natural L-astaxanthin with ultrasonic, supercritical CO2 extraction and column chromatography techniques, using Haematococcus pluvialis as raw material. With the born of natural astaxanthin, the cosmetics industry get new fresh bloods. The antioxidant and clear radical scavenging capacity of artificial synthesis astaxanthin is weaker than the natural astaxanthin’s. Since both ends of the astaxanthin molecule hydroxyl (-OH) can be esterified,it makes the stability different. 90% of natural astaxanthin exist in etherified form, it is more stable. But the synthetic astaxanthin stays in Free State. Therefore, because of the different stability synthetic astaxanthin must be embedded in order to be stable. Only about 1 / 4 of Synthetic astaxanthins are the L-structure, so its natural antioxidant function is about 1/4 of natural astaxanthins’. The natural eye cream of L-astaxanthin has made great achievements in Clinical trials .Natural L-astaxanthin eye cream adding natural moisturizing agents and anti-ultraviolet component play an important role on wrinkles, dark circles and fat particles. It is really the gospel for most people.
Currently, the rain raw red ball is recognized as best natural astaxanthin bio, so taking advantage it, biotin it is has broad prospects for development,. It has become hot topic in recent years, the international natural astaxanthin production of research focus. As the price of natural astaxanthin is more affordable, for meeting the growing demand of consumers, and raising the level of health, it is a great need. The potential economic and social effects are visible. Source