Since the functions of astaxanthin are found out, astaxanthin is widely used in senior human nutrition and health food and cosmetics. Its orientation is mainly in strengthening the immune system, cancer, protecting the retina from ultraviolet radiation and photo-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and preventing oxidative damage of the blood LDL-cholesterol. However, the latest scientific studies have shown that astaxanthin can also promote the growth of lunula on nails. People can buy astaxanthin to make the lunula grow.

Traces of the nail below the fifth place, a white arc, which is a half mark, and was also known as a small sun. A half mark is the actual length to the part of the methyl at the bottom of the nail bed, and nutrients needed for growth of supply of nails, is a connective tissue. A bed is rich in blood vessels and nerve endings, when the normal supply of human blood circulation, nail peripheral blood supply adequate, faster nail growth, and constantly grow new nails. A body has not been aging in the newborn, so the color is lighter punishment rely on the middle of the nail bed of the faster rate of decline of both sides of the growth, forming a half moon shape of the shadow pattern, fast growth is a half arc significant, low metabolic a half arc small, and even less obvious. When the body some cardiovascular disease, finger peripheral blood supply is damaged, a body growth rate is lower than the aging rate is apparent for a half mark decrease or no half marks. Seen in this light when people observe the nails a half marks, half marks manifestations can generally understand that the moment their own health status.

The most important thing is the speed of the end of the blood circulation, and nail aging and newborn of lunulas. Marks a half months of development, subject to the influence of nutritional, environmental, physical, when the digestion and absorption features for a long time good, half marks will blur, reduce, or even disappear. Under normal circumstances, your hands should be 8 to 10 a half mark, a half mark, the less said the worse the energy, the constitution is more cold, that is, weak immune system; disappeared in that poor digestion and absorption.

If a half mark area is less than a fifth nail, said the lack of energy, poor gastrointestinal absorption; a half mark more than one fifth, it is myocardial hypertrophy, susceptible to cardiovascular, hypertension, stroke and other diseases; a half months marks a sudden dull, became smaller and disappeared, often suffering from consumptive disease. Reduce and fade away a half mark, you should pay attention to changes in health status of their own bodies, especially those over the age of 45, this time we must pay attention.

If there are no lunulas, people can pay attention to have more consumption of antioxidant class food and health products, such as astaxanthin. The results from cosmetic raw material suppliers show that: daily doses of astaxanthin-12mg 2 weeks will effectively enhance the high-density lipoprotein, prevent LDL oxidation, improve cardiovascular condition, significantly improve the finger peripheral as well as other parts of the blood circulation to promote a growth and prevent a faster degradation of the nail bed, so a half mark soon grow back, and clinical studies have shown that the effective rate is 80%.

It is worth noting that, the astaxanthin should be taken in half an hour after a meal and the smoking is absolutely prohibited. The disappearance of lunula is only a manifestation of the underlying reaction to the health problems. If the health problems are improved, the lunula will grow out. If someone has no lunulas since his childhood, the problem related to the hereditary, it is unnecessary to worry about it.