Minoxidil solution is for external use hair loss treatment, generally used to treat male hair loss such as: male pattern alopecia, alopecia areata. Minoxidil's main role is to stimulate the blood circulation of hair follicles, improve hair follicle. Here with the simply introduce a few basic knowledge when using cosmetic raw material  minoxidil solution to cure the  male hair loss.

The initial hair loss: topical minoxidil solution can cause initial mild hair loss to increase, because minoxidil already in the telogen hair loss, usually on the scalp hair in the telogen last 100 days fall, 10% of hair in telogen increased to 20%, but in the area of
​​male pattern baldness, shrinking of hair follicles in the telogen, when minoxidil work for thinning hair, can explain why Minoxidil can cause hair loss, hair fall will be the repose of the end of the thicker, healthier hair to replace the other hand, the treatment of male pattern baldness will result in hair follicles gradually narrowing.

On minoxidil resistance, misunderstanding, minoxidil will help restore the hair follicles, again in about two years (sometimes years) to grow thicker hair, more than this time, minoxidil to Seoul will continue to help hair remain in the growing season, the new long hair will be thicker, and longer growing season to maintain, however, because most patients do not see in a few years a significant sustained improvement. so they thought that minoxidil caused a resistance, and will not work, unfortunately, they stop using minoxidil solution therapy, their new long hair will be in 3-4 months again fall.

Minoxidil side effects: patients with any history of heart disease patients should not use 12.5%
​​Minoxidil solution, and known to cause a negative reaction to minoxidil or propylene glycol should be avoided 12.5% ​​minoxidil solution, only a very small number on minoxidil the Ermin sense of patients will feel rapid heart rate, so they will feel headache, dizziness, chest pain and / or ankle swelling, if these symptoms occur, patients should stop using any formula containing minoxidil, according to our experience, these side effects occurrence rate of less than 0.1% of patients.

Minoxidil preservation methods: buy minoxidil and placed under room temperature, avoid direct sunlight when not in use be sure the cap tightly closed. Because ethanol is volatile, so the cap should be closed when you don't use it. The solution is very stable in a wide range of temperatures and has been tested from zero to 149 degrees Fahrenheit (65 degrees Celsius) will not be affected.

If continuous increasing hair loss after using minoxidil solution, one should better go to see doctors for checking.