Natural astaxanthin is the strongest anti-oxidants ever discovered in nature, and is the only one can get through the blood-brain barrier of a carotenoid. Only algae, yeast and certain bacteria can produce astaxanthin. The astaxanthin in nature is mainly generated by the plants and microalgae. The animals can not synthesize carotenoids, they only can get them from plants or algae in food chain. The molecular structure of astaxanthin and β2-carotene are very similar, but vert different in chemical properties and biological activity. It can quenching singlet oxygen, remove free radicals and effectively ending the peroxidation chain reaction, remove free radicals and effectively ending the peroxidation chain reaction, thereby protecting cells from oxidation damage, known as "super vitamin E", "super antioxidants" as cosmetic material. Only natural L astaxanthin has the antioxidant extraordinary capacity!

Astaxanthin with super antioxidant capacity that we talking about, only with left-spin structure of natural astaxanthin, is by algae that astaxanthin synthesis in the body. Artificial chemical synthesis, its antioxidant capacity is extremely low, basic is negligible, as industrial pigments used and not a good role in health and disease treatment, prevention.

Astaxanthin structure with two symmetric centers, which are molecules in both ends of the ring structure of C - and C - 3 '. An asymmetric center can have two conformations, astaxanthin two asymmetric carbon atoms, C - 3, C -3 ' can be R or S form of existence, so there are three kinds of stereoisomers : 3 S, 3 'S, 3 S, 3'R and 3 R, 3'R, 3 S, 3 'S and 3 R, 3'R isomers are mirror images of each other enantiomers, each enantiomer has the opposite optical rotation, enabling plane polarized light to the left or right rotation, 3 S, 3 'S structure of polarized light to the left, called L; 3 R, 3'R structure of polarized light to the right called the right rotation, 3 S, 3'R no optical activity, called racemic.

The test confirmed that only L astaxanthin has a superior antioxidant capacity, the dextral astaxanthin low capacity, racemic astaxanthin pigment basically do not have the antioxidant capacity.

In one study by astaxanthin manufacturer, to the three middle-aged smoking men, respectively, taking 100 mg L, the right hand, racemic astaxanthin , 10 times in the taking of blood samples within 72h, analysis by HPLC high performance liquid chromatography method for quantitative analysis. Six hours after taking the plasma of subjects of natural L- astaxanthin, astaxanthin concentration up to 1124 mg / L, and taking the right hand of astaxanthin, plasma astaxanthin concentration must rise, while taking racemic astaxanthin in the blood, and its content did not change significantly. Body prawn astaxanthin bioavailability and its structure is closely related to.