Biotin is a most widely accepted method in face lifting for people who love beauty. It can quickly resolve the masseter muscle hypertrophy. The clinical application of biotin has decades of history. The results are highly reliable. Within safe doses, it has no adverse effects. In the United States it has been used in the conventional treatment of masseter hypertrophy. And it is very common in Japan. 80% of the people with masseter muscle hypertrophy received increased significantly effects.

Biotin injections to block the biotin with the nerves and muscles, loss of neurotrophic effects of nerve impulses, excessive contraction of a muscle relaxant, overdeveloped muscle paralysis and atrophy of the masseter muscle and treatment a bit of lift further . Injection of biotin and the angle of the jaw associated with the two methods of surgical treatment of facial fat will also benefit from the 1 +1> 2 results. In combination with liposuction of the face, cheeks, and to reduce the width, and other methods can give a significant improvement in terms of fat.
Biotin is a single phase and safety injection on each side of a single injection into the injection point. Injections should be as slow as possible for about 10 minutes. After injection, there is no local demand for massage and special treatments, normal chewing movements can cause fluid gradually spread in the muscle tissue. Most importantly, you must first be approved by a specialist in diagnostic accuracy to identify and locate the application and the required dose.
Biotin injections, a simple operation can be performed in an ambulatory and hospital care, and without anesthesia. And executives have extensive experience in medical applications. Dollars, the amount injected is small, injections of a sensation similar to insect bites, to resume normal activities immediately after treatment can take home or office. Injection of biotin in the masseter 2 weeks later, the patient's sense of cud chewing small, the phenomenon of jaw inflammation is not clear, contact the masseter cooperation is unclear. Usually for 3-4 weeks as shown in the masseter muscle atrophy and changes in the face.
The best results are in one month to three months after injection. The effect lasted for about 8 months. According to the needs of patients, one may choose more injections. Injection of biotin to prevent movement of the gums frequently (eg, biting and chewing gum, seeds, etc.), the masseter muscle hypertrophy can be cured. Because it makes the paralysis of the muscles relax, to reduce or eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, but with the weakening of the role of recurrence. Thus, to obtain the desired effect, depending on the circumstances, the need to inject again.
Within a month after the biotin injection, it is a ban for facial massage or friction heat. After the injection, cosmetic raw material suppliers remind people to avoid eating hard shell, spicy food week or seafood. The alcohol should be avoided too. Patients should go to see the doctor after two weeks. In the earlier period, the failure to chew and the painful feeling are normal. Source: