Fishtail lines refer to the wrinkles between eyes and temples on people. Generally it forms due to the dry wrinkles and aggravation of expression lines. But the genetic factor will also have a great influence on the formation of wrinkles. The formation of fishtail lines is due to neuroendocrine dysfunction, decreasing of protein synthesis rate, the decline or loss of fiber cell activity of dermal layer, reduction and fracture of collagen fibers. It leads to deterioration of skin elasticity and increasing number of canthus wrinkles. And the sun, dry, cold, too high water temperature for washing face, expressive and smoking will also lead to deterioration of elasticity of fibrous tissue.

The main reason for the formation of eye wrinkles are dry skin, metabolic function decreased, the fibrous tissue aging, relaxation, and even fractures the formation of wrinkles. In addition, excessive ultraviolet radiation, excessive exercise, improper maintenance, and a number of diseases and other internal factors are the caused for formation of fishtail lines. Cosmetics material Biotin is widely used in solving problems of fishtail line.

Currently, there are a lot of people who pay great attention to the methods of removing fishtails wrinkle. But what is the most effective way for removing fishtail lines completely? Biotin wrinkle is the local injection of BOTOX, it is by special bacteria, removed the new century through a complex genetic tissue engineering is the most effective biological toxins and muscle relaxants. Use of syringes through needle biological streptozotocin injected into the muscles of facial expression, muscle complete or partial paralysis, muscle activity weakened or disappeared, so that the facial expression muscle caused by dynamic wrinkles such as fishtails line’s disappearance. So the problems of fishtails lines are solved.

To buy biotin or have biotin injection is the only effective way to eliminate dynamic wrinkles. And its effect can usually be maintained for three to six months, so you can year injected about once to three times in every year. Clinical studies have shown that the duration of the treatment will be extended over time, so you need the injection frequency will be reduced, in addition, its duration of action will vary from person to person.

Generally, in 3 to 6 months after injection, with the nerve endings sprout formation and reconstruction of nerve muscles conduction, the skin fold will appear. It is necessary to repeat use the injection of biotin to effective solve the problem of fishtail lines. After the in processing of biotin injection for fishtail lines, there are a small number of people with varying degrees of negative reaction, such as ptosis, eye fissure dysraphism, facial muscle weakness and mouth askew. And after the injection, due to limitation of muscle activity, people may feel uncomfortable or sick.