Biotin is also known as vitamin H. It makes the body to convert food into the strength. Biological agents can contribute to the health and cell renewal and diabetes, as well as to improve and adjust the levels of blood sugar. The healthy hair and nails are also very dependent on biotin. The marketing studies have shown that biotin is orally absorbed rapidly in the stomach and intestines. About 80% of biotin is in free form. It is distributed in the body tissues, and more content in liver or kidney. After administration, biotin is excreted in the urine. Only a small part is metabolized as biotin sulfur oxides.

The daily requirement is about 100-300 mg. Avydyn egg white and biotin, the biotin binding can not be absorbed through the digestive system caused by the absence of biotin animal body, loss of appetite, glossitis, dermatitis, dandruff, hair and so on. However, it is noted that the cases of male biotin may be sufficient due to the addition of food sources intestinal bacteria can be also synthesized and biotin.

Biotin adjusts insulin and sugar to help improve and control of blood sugar. Supplemental biotin can fix explosions weak nails and improve the health of your hair. Biotin can also be restored due to the low level of biotin cause premature gray hair. Some children can not effectively use biotin, the need to supplement biotin. Some skin diseases such as seborrheic dermatitis, a further improvement of biotin. Biotin can be used to treat certain diseases associated with muscle as part of the course. Biotin can aid weight loss in the human body for more efficient metabolism. Biotin can be used to treat gastrointestinal candidiasis (thrush).


The folic acid and cosmetic raw material biotin, to maintain their effectiveness in preventing the formation of teratogenicity. In early 2008 the Ministry of Health of Japan has officially announced that folic acid and biotin as minimum nutritional intake of pregnant Japanese. It should be noted that the Ministry of Health's decision biotin easier to sell in Japan, but also to develop the global use of biotin. Biotin can contribute to the dissolution of fat and carbohydrate energy to accelerate the human activities such as the absence of biotin in the body, accumulate in body fat and obesity. The new discovery launched a solid foundation for the use of biotin in weight loss, weight loss, type of medical equipment, opened a market for biotin.

Biotin, with excellent cosmetic results, can make skin whitening and nails soft. This discovery opens new drug consumption for biotin. Cosmetics industry is a global industry. The total sales of cosmetics in the international market are much larger than the sale of drugs. Use of biotin in skin, nails and hair products will inevitably lead to biotin’s increase sales. As vitamin supplements, it can be used in foods. It can prevent skin diseases, promote lipid metabolism, and has physiological functions. Eating lots of protein can lead to biotin deficiency.Source: