Because the weak demand in the international market, too hot biotin investment from China suppliers, biotin prices has fell into the trough since the end of 2008. In recent years, pharmaceutical biotin’s demand has significant growth. Biotin export volume reached 117 tons in 2008 with an increase of 84.25%. Export value was approximately $ 77,370,000, representing a substantial increase of 278.10%. In market quotation of 2008, the highest quoted market prices of pharmaceutical biotin reached 1,600 U.S. dollars / kg. It can be described as a harvest year for biotin manufacturers. However, from the end of 2008 to the present, the biotin price declined and once even has touched the bottom line.

Biotin is a water soluble containing B vitamin. It is a coenzyme relating with carbohydrates, protein and lipid metabolism. It is also called coenzyme R. And it becomes a growth factor that every living cell contains. It is fat metabolism and important coenzyme for carboxylation reactions to maintain normal growth and development, indispensable to maintain the health of skin and bone marrow of a particular nutrient, widely used in feed, food and pharmaceutical industries.

China is the world's biotin production base, the current level of Chinese medicine annual output is about 190 tons, accounting for more than 80 percent of global output. Biotin varieties currently in production of three categories: content in more than 98% of pharmaceutical grade biotin. Content in 2% feed-grade biotin and 1% dicalcium phosphate carrier of food-grade biotin.

In just a few years time, why is there such a huge change in the market prices of the biotin? The reason is mainly to weak demand in the international market and domestic supplier’s investment boom. At the end of last year, many international minoxidil buyers have taken to reduce inventory, improve cash flow means to cope with the global economic crisis, the international market to reduce the demand for biotin. January to May 11, the total exports of pharmaceutical grade Biotin is 39,386 kg, the export volume decreased by 27% compared to 2008 year.

In the face of weak international demand, suppliers have to take low-cost strategy to stimulate the market. With biotin new features are constantly being found and brought huge profits, a new round of investment boom of biotin emerges. In the case of weak market demand, adding new capacity of biotin makes the exports worse. Biotin market price is only $ 400 / kg which close to the bottom line price. Part of the biotin manufacturers have discontinued and some manufacturers closed quote. It is believed that in the stimulation of the low market price, the purchaser's desire to buy biotin will has germination again. The demand will begin to rebound. In future, decline of biotin export price will thus be mitigated.Source: