Catalyst affect chemical reactions as an important vehicle, has become the chemical, petrochemical, refining, and the key to new energy development, the current catalyst development has become an important international competition in the field of technology. DICP National Laboratory, Chinese Academy of clean energy from fossil energy research and application of catalytic Minister, Dr. Tian Zhijian proposed catalyst technology related industries should be the priority focus, and improve the catalyst efficiency, innovative technology is the core of the competition. The next five years, the new catalyst in resource use, energy development, pharmaceutical manufacturing, low carbon and environmental protection fields much to offer.
Now facing the challenge of dwindling resources, people need reasonable development, utilization of limited resources, the establishment and development of resource-saving industrial system. In this regard,
Copper Chromite(CC) experts believe that the development of the whole substance of the ecological recycling industry depends on catalytic technology innovation and refinement of the catalyst preparation. At present the basic organic chemical and fine chemical and petroleum processing the output value of output has been considerable, the new catalyst technology and catalytic efficiency of new catalytic materials and catalyst preparation is to promote technological innovation common basic organic chemical and fine chemical industry is all about.
 "With the right catalyst can accelerate chemical reactions, opening up more natural resources, dramatically reduce product cost,
Triphenyl Bismuth improve product quality, energy conservation, and can not be synthesized using other methods to get the product." Dr. Tian Zhijian that, in terms of quantity and value terms, the catalyst to improve the economic efficiency of the chemical and petrochemical industries invaluable role. For example, he said, is technology-intensive fine chemicals, varieties, production of small, high value-added chemical products, its production process is also more reactive species. A fine chemical products, including many reaction steps, and the product complex structure, high purity, long production process. Therefore, the production of fine chemicals require new catalytic technology to overcome these shortcomings.
Production of bulk chemicals, as strong demand for catalysts. Dr. Tian Zhijian, the current market, the fastest growing demand for polymerization catalysts, mainly due to world demand for polypropylene and polyethylene catalysts have been strong; because of poor quality of raw materials continued, growing demand for petroleum products and further stringent environmental regulations, very strong demand for refining catalysts; catalytic hydrogenation of compounds can directly increase yield, while the catalyst can be directly recycled, so growth in the global hydrogenation catalyst technology is expected to reach 30% to 40%; ethylene oxide catalyst and environmental needs in growth has reached 10% and 8%. In addition to these requirements and, with ethylene glycol and polyester fiber demand rapid growth, especially rapid growth in China to promote the development of ethylene oxide market, reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides and dioxins also contributed to the rigid requirements of environmental catalysts needs to expand. In addition, the solid acid catalysts in esterification, alkylation,
Lead Citrate isomerization and other important alternative to the traditional reaction of sulfuric acid catalyst, sodium hydroxide instead of the traditional solid base catalyst such as caustic soda has become a trend, which also has two catalysts better prospects for development.
"Every new and efficient catalyst will lead to revolutionary change, to promote the industry by leaps and bounds." Dr. Tian Zhijian pointed out that in the future for a long time, around the national strategic objectives of economic development and energy, fossil energy conversion and use of chemical process the key scientific issues, research and development should be concentrated catalyst in the following areas: use of green catalytic synthesis of new organic reactions, new technologies, new methods, new technology development of efficient, environmentally friendly,
fine chemicals suppliers energy-saving green technologies and new catalytic organic synthesis catalyst; co-anchor of the solid catalyst carrier synthesis and catalytic application of complex; homogeneous or heterogeneous catalysis to H2O2, oxygen or air as the oxidant green selective oxidation of new technology; synthesis of new functional porous solid acid / base catalyst; the treatment of organic waste, green environmental catalysis and process development of new technologies.
 In order to achieve the elimination of pollution from the source, Tian Zhijian think we should focus on research and development for the efficient conversion of fossil energy green synthetic gas catalytic conversion of liquid fuels, the production of high quality clean transportation fuels, efficient conversion of hydrocarbon resources, the use of the catalyst. In order for coal, oil and more scientific and complete industrial chain, should develop new, efficient, visible light-induced photocatalysts, and application development to environmental protection, building materials, military, electric power and other fields, a fundamental solution to energy and environmental pollution. Source: