In recent years, China has fast development in fine chemical industry. The large-scale construction is accelerating and the step of full range of foreign capital into China market is significantly speeded up. During the ’fifth plan’ period, the total sales revenue and profit growth rate of China's fine chemical industry remained at 15% or more, into a comprehensive, multi-level and wide open, competitive, and new stage of development. "Second five" stages, with the accelerated pace of China's economic transformation, fine chemical industry will also be facing structural adjustment and product innovation. By 2015, China's output value of fine chemicals will reach 1.6 trillion RMB, more than doubled in 2008, self-sufficiency rate of fine chemical products reaches 80% or more, and gradually fine chemicals to the world power forward
After years of development, China's fine chemical industry has become an important and independent branch of the new economic growth point, has been formed about 20 to 25 categories. Among them, pesticides, dyes, paints, reagents, photographic materials, 10-Hydroxydecanoic Acid chemical and pharmaceutical industry has a considerable scale of development. In addition, feed additives, food additives, industrial surfactants, water treatment chemicals, paper chemicals, leather chemicals, oilfield chemicals, electronic chemicals, biological chemicals, functional polymers and other industries are also beginning to take shape
During the fifth plan period, China will give priority to the development of fine chemicals as one of the six areas, and functional coatings and waterborne coatings, dyes and industrial technology, new varieties, an important chemical intermediate synthesis technology and new varieties of green, the electronic chemical products, high-performance water treatment chemicals, paper chemicals, oilfield chemicals, food additives, functional, high-performance environment-friendly flame retardants, surfactants, additives and other high performance rubber as the "Eleventh Five-Year" fine Chemical technology development and industrialization of the focus, so that the field of fine chemical products to further broaden the application of the product further gentrification, fine, complex, functional direction.
According to incomplete statistics, China currently has more than 8,000 fine chemical manufacturers, producing all kinds of up to 30,000 kinds of fine chemical products; the annual production is about more than 1300 tons, annual output of about 390 billion RMB, fine rate is of 40%. However, China's current Although becoming the largest producer of fine chemicals, pesticides, dyes, paints, rubber processing and other traditional fine chemical industry still faced with "lack of quality rather than quantity," the difficulties in the field of fine chemicals present in the proportion of core small, similar industrial structure, Musk R-1 low-level redundant construction, lack of R & D investment, which seriously hindered the development of the industry. Overall, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry in the product structure is still mainly low-end products and generic products, high-grade, low percentage of special products, China's fine chemical industry, an urgent need to accelerate the transformation of development mode, take the innovation-driven development.
Fine chemical industry in numerous disciplines, involving a wide range of great influence by the industrial policy. Restructuring and technological progress from the point of view, the establishment of a fine chemical characteristics of the chemical park and give the appropriate incentives, will help fine chemical industry, upstream and downstream convergence to better promote the development of the industry. In recent years, many provinces and municipalities regard the construction of fine chemical park, as the adjustment of the layout of the local chemical industry, the development of new materials industry, an important measure to promote the gathering.
Facing the complicated situation of international macroeconomic, industry cyclical downturn and other adverse factors, promoting technological innovation, adjust and optimize the structure of fine chemical products, focusing on developing high-performance, specialization, green products, have become the important features in the development of fine chemicals and the focus of China's fine chemical in future direction.
In the next five years, with the national emphasis on the fine chemical industry, the gradual increase, China's fine chemical industry will usher in development. We should appreciate that, the twelfth five ‘oil and chemical industry development guidelines’ proposes that, china will foster the development of new industries as the main strategic task and  proposes to the twelfth five to the end of the formation of a number of strategic new industry-led growth point, the fine and specialty chemicals increased to more than 45%. New chemical materials, high-end specialty chemicals, biomass energy, bio-chemical and bio-based polymer materials, new coal chemical are classified as a development. Meanwhile, the decline in profits for the traditional problem of chemical products, "guide" that will transform and upgrade traditional industries are classified as "second five" structural adjustment of the main task. Requires three synthetic materials, organic chemical raw materials industry development strategy to implement differentiated from "common" to "special type" transfer, while increasing the methanol, calcium carbide and other structural barriers to entry in industries with excess, and control volume, speed up development of new technologies, new varieties, extending the product value chain. Experts said that the strategic development of new industries requires a lot of fine chemical products supporting whom, and this will enhance the rate of fine chemicals with great thrust, self-innovation capability and technology strength of China's fine chemical industry will be significantly improved.Source: