In recent years, China's fine chemical industry is relatively fast, the base chemical industry park, is accelerating the construction of large-scale, foreign-round to enter the Chinese market, foreign investment, significantly speeding up. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's fine chemical industry, total sales revenue and profit growth rate remained at 15% or more, into a comprehensive, multi-level and wide open, competitive, and new stage of development. "Second five" stages, with the accelerated pace of China's economic transformation, fine chemical industry will also be facing structural adjustment and product innovation. By 2015, China's output value will reach 1.6 trillion yuan fine chemicals, more than doubled in 2008, fine chemical products self-sufficiency rate of 80% or more, and gradually fine chemicals to the world power forward.
Since the 1990s, with the development of deep processing of petroleum and chemical industry to the booming high-tech, fine chemical industry, the world has been unprecedented rapid development, its growth rate significantly higher than the chemical industry. In recent years, the world's total annual sales of chemical products is about 1.5 trillion dollars, fine chemicals and specialty chemicals is about $ 380 billion, an average annual growth rate of 5% to 6%, higher than the chemical industry 2 3 percentage points. According to related statistics, the world's varieties of fine chemicals for more than 10 million. Currently, the U.S., Western Europe and Japan, fine chemical industry is well developed, which represents the current level of development of the world of fine chemicals. Among them, fine chemicals annual sales of approximately U.S. $ 125 billion, ranking first in the world; Europe, Japan, fine chemicals sales were $ 100 billion, 600 billion. Total annual sales of about three world for more than 75% of total sales, the refinement rate of 60% to 70%.
After years of development, China's fine chemical in China's chemical industry has become an important and independent branch of the new economic growth point, has been formed about 20 to 25 categories. Among them, pesticides, dyes, paints, reagents, photographic materials, chemical and pharmaceutical industry has a considerable scale of development. In addition, feed additives, food additives, industrial surfactants, water treatment chemicals, paper chemicals, leather chemicals, oilfield chemicals, electronic chemicals, biological chemicals, functional polymers and other industries are also beginning to take shape.
"Eleventh Five-Year" period, China will give priority to the development of fine chemicals as one of the six areas, and functional coatings and waterborne coatings, dyes and industrial technology, new varieties, an important chemical intermediate synthesis technology and new varieties of green, electronic chemicals, Copper Chromite(CC) high performance water treatment chemicals, paper chemicals, oilfield chemicals, food additives, functional, high-performance environment-friendly flame retardants, surfactants, additives such as high-performance rubber, "Eleventh Five-Year "Fine chemicals technology development and industrialization of the main points so that the field of fine chemical products to further broaden the application of the product further gentrification, fine, complex, functional direction.
According to incomplete statistics, China now has more than 8,000 fine chemical manufacturer, producing all kinds of up to 30,000 kinds of fine chemical products, the annual production is about more than 1300 tons, annual output of about 390 billion yuan, fine rate of 40% . However, China's current Although becoming the largest producer of fine chemicals, pesticides, dyes, paints, rubber processing and other traditional fine chemical industry still faced with "lack of quality rather than quantity," the difficulties in the field of fine chemicals present in the proportion of core small, Musk R-1 similar industrial structure, low-level redundant construction, lack of R & D investment, which seriously hindered the development of the industry. Overall, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry in the product structure is still mainly low-end products and generic products, high-grade, low percentage of special products, China's fine chemical industry, an urgent need to accelerate the transformation of development mode, take the innovation-driven development. Source: