Fine chemicals is a industry which produce the production of fine chemicals. production of fine chemicals generally have a small, dedicated, strong, high value-added features. In recent years, with the rapid economic development and industrialization of the country a higher level of fine and specialty chemicals for the needs of an increasingly heated, fine chemical industry, more and more attention has been paid. Currently, fine chemicals as chemical industry has been one of the priorities included in the strategic development of a number of national plans, policy and funding support are given priority. Now, fine chemicals has become China's chemical industry a new economic growth point of China's fine chemical industry is currently in rapid development of industry with a bright future.

In recent years, China's fine chemical industry to develop a more rapid ,2005-2009, China's fine chemicals suppliers industry sales rate remained stable at 95%, the overall gross margin of approximately 19% of the industry for 5 years, fine chemical industry sales revenue and gross profit annual growth rate of more than 15%, higher than GDP growth. "Twelve Five" period, China's economy will be resource consuming to saving, Copper Chromite (CC) high-polluting to clean type. In the meantime, fine chemical industry will usher in development, 2015, China's fine chemical production value will reach 1.6 trillion yuan, more than doubled in 2008, will gradually fine chemicals to the world power forward.

S & P analysts are still consulting the chemical industry Triphenyl Bismuth that China fine chemical industry will usher in the next big market opportunity: First, from the petrochemical industry, "second five" draft plan can be seen, fine chemical industry, petrochemical industry will be the focus of the next stage of development and hot spots, national policy to encourage and support the development of China's fine chemical industry provides a good space for development; 2, with lower consumption growth and product upgrades, the diversity and high-end chemical products made more demands 10-Hydroxydecanoic Acid This is China's fine chemical industry provide a strong impetus; three, along with environmental pressures and the increasing maturity of China's industrial environment, the global fine chemical industry is also shifting to China, China's economy in transition, which gives the development of fine chemical industry bring a good opportunity.

S & P Consulting released yet, "China 2010-2013 Market Analysis of organic fine chemical products report" shows that the future of the fine chemical industry as the country gradually increase the degree of attention, Octylferrocene fine chemical industry, China will usher in major development. "Twelve Five" period, China's urgent need to improve the fine chemical industry, the ability of independent innovation, to develop high-performance products, increase the pesticide, general paints, dyes and other traditional areas of traditional structural adjustment and upgrading and enhancing the high-end fine chemicals total, Musk R-1 to further improve the market competitiveness. The future, with the state to support the development of fine chemical industry and high-tech advances in the fine chemical industry, China's industrial technology and innovation capacity will be further improved.