Microalgae products haematococcus pluvialis gets successful development and achieves industrialization in China. Thus China becomes the third for mastering the technology of haematococcus pluvialis. The behaviors change the 13-year morphology of Japan and America companies in production of astaxanthin. The haematococcus pluvialis is a precious resource with high health value. It is a creature which contains rich astaxanthin. Astaxanthin sources play roles in capturing free radicals and antioxidant, enhancing immunity, preventing cancer and light damage.

A few years ago in the U.S. and Japan, technology, and applied for a patent for dozens of countries, leading to a stalemate in other countries, the red ball in the development of algae companies, the ball of red algae in the world market is growing, reaching $ 9000 kg . Red algae soft ball capsule successful industrialization of China red algae ball refill empty products deep processing, microalgae industry in China has more meaning.


Using PRC benefits of micro-algae research and development of independent innovation of new products in cruentum red capsules are available a few days ago, said the successful industrialization of algae, soft capsules, red balls, breaking the monopoly of the U.S. and Japan. China must rely on original accessories environmental agent microalgae research 10 years ago because of its resources, research, financial success Spirulina industry. A year ago, and technical superiority, and the latest technology and trends of the International Red cruentum, referring to the technological advantages and capital, research and technology on a large scale algae red ball, Spirulina research and production. Selection of types of algae production technology, culture, the system has made a significant breakthrough.

The haematococcus pluvialis is a high antioxidant. It can prevent and cure many diseases like European and American scientists, doctors, such as vitamin E Super alcohol and soft gold. In the United States and Japan, two companies produce natural red ball in the area. Both companies completely dominated the international market, technology, products and get a ball of red algae and demand imbalance. A red ball in a short red algae seaweed ball fields, a consistent record industry, universities, research integration, research ways inseparable. Spirulina as one of the industrial giants in the world, China, under the constant strengthening of investment in research gradually change helix director grow a world leader in the study of micro-algae and leaving the country with international companies to compete.

In the field of microalgae in international market, haematococcus pluvialis trends to keep pozeleniv growth of algae in industrial research microalgae and microalgae, improvement of industrial technology in China update. Experts predict that China, through its rapid growth in micro-studies became an international center for micro-algae research and development of technical results of natural red ball green algae seaweed farms and industrialization have been marked by a red ball when the international advanced level in China, U.S. became the world learned of the second production of natural seaweed red ball, as production of natural astaxanthin, to explain the field of micro-algae monopoly advanced technology and trade some red algae ball scarce health resources for cosmetic raw material suppliers.

Haematococcus pluvialis have effective effect in the central nervous system and cardiovascular system. It can delay the skin aging, prevents photoaging and reduces oxidative damage. It increases muscle endurance, rapid recover exercise fatigue, and inhibit tumor and the growth of cancer cells. Therefore, it is called the soft gold for the human health by European and American scientists. The haematococcus pluvialis contains most abundant astaxanthin and the astaxanthin content is up to of 3.0% of the dry weight. It is known as the enrichment of natural astaxanthin products. It is mainly used as high-value pharmaceutical raw materials, health raw material. It is a high-tech product with large commercial value.Source:http://www.cosprm.com