Fine chemicals are one of the most dynamic new fields in chemical industry now. It included in the focus of development. The output value of the fine chemical industry in China will reach 1.6 trillion RMB. In 2015, the rate of chemical custom setting is 80 percent or more and China will enter into the big countries in fine chemicals and energies. It is very necessary and urgent. With the fine chemical industry development priorities and hot spots situation, seizing the historic opportunity of fine chemical industry policy support and quickly joining the fine chemical industry are very necessary for fine chemicals wholesalers who want to make a difference.

Industrial policy to promote the rapid development of fine chemical industry is evident. But to succeed in the chemical industry to quickly any problems. For the chemical industry is the biggest problem is the lack of chemical design professional. A variety of products with high value-added fine chemical industry to produce a large number of small and medium-sized higher demand for process design, process control and thus greater demand for professional design chemicals. Although some privatization design. But in general, a large petrochemical engineering in the synthesis of other industries such as rubber and Design Institute, paints, inks, resins may, pesticides and other chemicals may not be awared.

Although the current design philosophy, the owner of a number of investment projects that are not familiar with the characteristics of industry and product performance. I have a professional team of engineers and designers at the Institute of profit can not be bothered enough to be understood. If the owner has decided to implement their own design. I, standard deviation and the owner of the original mechanical design goals. I also did not achieve the desired effect. How to overcome this problem is most concerned about the urgent need to enter the chemical industry.

As long as there is demand, someone will find a solution. There is always a pioneer in the industry. Some companies have experienced a decade of manufacturing equipment in the chemical industry to communicate with property owners in the industry. It understands thoroughly for a long timely. Chemical copper chromite (CC) industry manufacturers designs institutions that focus on investments in clean látek, chemical coatings, inks, adhesives, resins, lubricants, chemicals and other industries that design and engineering services contract with the EPC develops chemical industry to restructure the chemical industry to improve strategic importance of the sector. Vigorously develop fine chemical industry is to adjust the structure of the chemical industry and enhance the strategic focus. In the chemical industry with industry-level becomes more and more segments, professional chemical design can better reflect development of the industry. They will become very popular.