Since last winter, dry weather makes major crop pests diseases significant increased than the previous year. In 2011, areas of various kinds of pest diseases reach ​​more than 60 million acreages. In the second quarter, as temperatures rise, a variety of pest disaster rapidly expands. It significantly increases the demands of fine chemical pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. The fine chemicals market shows the situation of supply and demand booming.

Recently, wheat spiders and aphids, cabbage caterpillar, as well as soil pests control make use of pesticides conventional varieties increased. Emamectin benzoate used for pest control in vegetables, fruits, copper chromite (CC), chlorfluazuron, phoxim, malathion and decis use increased significantly, bifenthrin for tea Prevention tea leafhopper, white powder lice, the leafminer demand increased. Around due to the rapidly expanding area of ​​greenhouse cultivation, Occurrence of whitefly sharp rise, which has become a major pest of vegetables, flowers, melons, tobacco and other crops, which makes imidacloprid, buprofezin, cyhalothrin favored by the market, the price also rise. Better some of the imported pesticides market demand, such as the original drug substance and drug imports last year, the top of the imported varieties, respectively, the highest in Canada fipronil amide, the United States, chlorantraniliprole and indoxacarb, and so on. A sudden rise in the spring, prevention and treatment field crop pests and drought after the health and epidemic prevention of the need, dichlorvos demand. Manufacturers of large-scale pesticide dichlorvos crude oil is currently in short supply, the preparation is also very small inventory. To meet the mark, in this his year the dichlorvos crude oil production will exceed ten thousand tons.

Fungicide use is rising, the 3 main factors, First, fruit trees, vegetables, and facilities for growing vegetables this year's acreage increase, these crops due to diseases in a wide extent has been increasing, so that the use of fungicides increased, usually several times of the staple crops. Staple crops, particularly food crops, varieties grown in recent two years due to poor disease resistance, the occurrence of disease increase. Fresh fruits and storage, industrial mold 10-hydroxydecanoic acid to increase the demand for fungicides.

Arid temperatures raise faster, heavier wheat powdery mildew, stripe rust, fungicides triadimefon, tebuconazole, the carbendazim price. Sharp eyespot of wheat heavier validamycin by the sought after market. Because of environmental reasons, many enterprises in the production of triazole fungicides has been discontinued, resulting in market shortages, and triazole fungicides have a good market, is the largest sales market in China fungicides for a class. Prevention and treatment of field crops sheath blight and other diseases, chlorothalonil, mancozeb, metalaxyl, fosetyl aluminum usage will increase. China created fungicides for seedling disease prevention of the intractable diseases of greenhouse cultivation of cucumber angular leaf spot, tomato and Chinese cabbage soft rot, the seedling is very conspicuous.

There are reasons for prochloraz price increasing. First, the prices of fine chemical intermediates, and the second promotion place to the prevention and treatment area of ​​a certain rise in the number. In the face of the growing year by year the demand for the market have developed a copper salt of the market demand for prochloraz, prochloraz zinc salt has independent intellectual property rights of the original drug and preparation of derivative products.

In southern of China, the main herbicides musk R-1 is glyphosate and paraquat. Because rice, orchards and some free farming has big demand of gerbicide. In northern wheat grass, weeds hazards increase and the demand of a number of new highly selective herbicides such as tribenuron increase. After the temperature raised, the market of combating rape grass weeds efficient, fine steady killing becomes heat. Herbicide business sales are generally from late March in distribution and move off. While the Chinese distributors have large inventory last year and product has high degree of homogeneity, so the competition is very fierce.Source: