Due to stimulation and influence of the coatings, inks, plastics and other industrial development, China has become the important consuming market of world fine chemicals inorganic pigments for major paint manufacturers. It is also an important contributor for low and primary products in world’s fine chemicals inorganic pigments. China's fine chemical copper chromite (CC) paint industry should strive to conform to this trend and enhance its position in the international market as soon as possible. Manufacturer representatives from iron oxide, titanium dioxide, lithopone, chromium pigments, zinc oxide and other inorganic pigments and some organic pigments and paint reached consensus in the industry conference.

Lithopone, iron oxide, chromium pigments and titanium dioxide market consumption accounted for 50% of the total world consumption, 300h, 29% and 16% of the world consumer market, the contribution rate were 100%, 38 %, 32% and 13%. Nevertheless, China is not the main winner of the World inorganic pigments to create profits. The fundamental reason is the production level is not high, it is difficult to produce high-grade, high quality products.

Analysis of the characteristics of the import and export trade of China fine chemicals inorganic pigments should also pay attention to the import and export of objects and the changes in octylferrocene. Titanium dioxide imported into China from Taiwan, Australia, Japan and the United States, accounted for 75% of the total imports of Chinese titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide from these areas and the country imports in 2005; export target mainly the United States in 2005, its exports accounted for 30% of all exports, other more scattered, the proportion of 7%.

In 2005, by the strong pull of the building materials, coatings, magnetic materials, ceramic and other industries, the iron oxide the total production of substantial growth, reaching 622,700 tons, an increase of 14.3%. To make up for gaps in terms of species, grade, price and service, had to import large quantities, resulting in the increase of nearly two years, imports of iron oxide product. Its major trade partners from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States, Japan, Korea and other regions and countries. In 2005 alone, China 84% of the total imports from the five local imports of iron oxide. Export mainly targeted the United States, 2005 35% of the total export volume of U.S. exports, followed by Hong Kong for 14%.

In the analysis of inorganic pigments trade subjecting to change, the experts pointed out that, with the scale of foreign investment continue to enter and fine chemical companies in China continue to expand, more and more enterprises with import and export right, the main exports of the fine inorganic pigments, basic The large-scale manufacturing musk R-1 enterprises or their trading company based. For example, titanium dioxide exports exporters in the more than 2000 tons in 2005 22 of the country's total export volume of its exports accounted for 70%, and 16; exporters the lithopone export volume of more than 500 tons, and its export of total export volume of 80%.

In addition, 97 percent of Chinese exports of inorganic pigment use general trade import ways. In addition to general trade, feed processing, trade and processing and assembling trade patterns account for a large proportion. It shows that foreign fine inorganic pigment production processing is gradually transferred to China. Accordingly it can be predicted that China will become the manufacturing center and a net exporter of inorganic pigments in the world.Source:http://www.mhcfm.com