In the first quarter of 2011, the total account about chinese exports products of plant essential oils is $ 61,952,000, get an increase of 72.3%, as 23.3% in plant extracts exports. Among them, essential oils like eucalyptus oil exports products to the maximum, a quarter of exports of $ 31,820,000, an increase of 75.8%. From the export data, essential oils products with great export potential.
Essential oils has been China's traditional export superior products. At present, China's oil industry, output value has exceeded 100 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of 5% to 6%. Chinese oil production plant about 40% of the international oil market, 80% for export. Although last year and the year before, Europe, the United States and Japan and other major oil consuming countries, weak demand, but since the first half of this year the international oil market began to plant warming, China's export volume and the amount of oil rebounded. As of the end of June this year, exports to China has accumulated a variety of essential oils up to 4800 tons, the total amount of $ 137,800,000, of which eucalyptus oil is thriving, exports amounted to 5,000 million U.S. dollars.
Eucalyptus oil Eucalyptus oil is a major export Chinese products, only a province of Yunnan, which exports 2,000 tons, accounting for about seven or eight percent of China's exports of eucalyptus. It is estimated that annual production of eucalyptus oil in the country more than 6,000 tons, and showed an increasing trend, the annual export volume has been increasing, the country's total exports eucalyptus oil remained at about 3,000 tons. Eucalyptus oil is domestic production continues to increase, the estimated annual production in the country increased 15% eucalyptus oil, eucalyptus oil markets expected the next few years the world will continue to maintain growth.
Seabuckthorn Seabuckthorn oil is produced in the desert regions of northwest China, a wild-fixing plant, its seed coat and fruit seeds, etc. inclusive of the rich sea buckthorn oil. In recent years, sea buckthorn oil in the international market is very popular in the perfume and cosmetics industry has a wide range of uses. China and Russia, the world's only two countries producing and exporting sea buckthorn oil. U.S., Europe and Japan are major importers of sea buckthorn oil.
Although dozens of Chinese enterprises in the production of sea buckthorn oil,
astaxanthin but most small-scale enterprises, and are in use the term "solvent extraction method," the old technology of production. The current international fragrance and cosmetics industry favoring light color, high purity and no solvent residue of sea buckthorn oil (extraction method using supercritical CO2 production). Currently, China crude sea buckthorn oil production capacity of approximately 800 to 900 tons, but the actual annual export volume of sea buckthorn oil is only 600 tons, the use of supercritical CO2 extraction of high-grade production of only a small part of the sea buckthorn oil.
According to market analyst reports, the international fragrance and cosmetics industry demand for sea buckthorn oil in more than 3,000 tons, but China and Russia's total annual production of sea buckthorn oil less than 1800 to 1900 tons, up to 40% gap in the market. Seabuckthorn oil as optimistic about the prospects for the international market, China's northwest provinces are seeking to develop artificial cultivation of seabuckthorn forest,
biotin sea buckthorn oil production in the next few years China will be increased dramatically.
Litsea cubeba oil is only produced in China to other countries is not yet recorded as exports, China has actually mastered cubeba oil in the international market initiative. The total reserves of the country cubeba at least 7 million to 8 million tons, the actual annual output of only 3,000 tons, exports account for more than 80%.
Cubeba oil lemon grass oil as a cheap substitute for the production of ordinary perfumes and cosmetics. Although only produced in China cubeba oil, but the international market because of the mountains cubeba oil prices are the effects of lemon grass oil fluctuated, causing cubeba oil foreign trade situation is very passive. Once farmers see cubeba purchase price up, up the hill will be enthusiastic to harvest cubeba,
glutathione and once reduced its purchase price, farmers would rather let cubeba rotten in the mountains. Therefore, the lack of inventory Litsea cubeba oil is often hampered exports.
Citronella oil is the same as China and Indonesia, the world's largest producer and citronella oil exporter. Citronella oil market in recent years in international sales remained at 5000 ~ 6000 tons, of which China and Indonesia together accounted for the number of export citronella oil 78% of the international market.
As Sri Lanka and other South Asian countries to develop lemongrass cultivation, resulting in a large influx of cheap citronella oil international market, exports to China a great impact on citronella oil, citronella oil exports only 2010 more than 1100 tons.
However, due to better domestic market, citronella oil, citronella oil exports to China to make up for the decline in the number of citronella oil industry's influence and impact. Overall analysis, although the international oil market by a large number of Vietnamese lemongrass Sri Lanka citronella oil price shock, but China is still a stable customer base citronella oil. Citronella oil can be extracted as geraniol, citronellal and other important raw materials,
Cosmetics material pharmaceutical intermediates, so the domestic market demand is guaranteed.
Linalool Linalool production in recent years, rapid development of China's natural, exports accounted for International Linalool Linalool 80% of market volume. Compared to synthetic chemicals, natural aroma of pure linalool, more product advantages. Since 1996, China's Jiangxi Province, with geographical and climatic advantages to develop aromatic camphor cultivation and extraction of natural linalool, has become the largest export base of natural linalool, the annual output of 80 tons. Source: