With the advances in science and technology, fine chemical’s applications area is developed and expanded. Thus it led to the production and development of fine chemical intermediates. There are many fine chemical intermediates with developing prospects in the market. Some of them are urgently needed or at rapid growth stage. A part of production technologies are backward and the product quality can not meet market demand.

Octylphenol and formaldehyde condensation generated octylphenol sulfide resin, and octyl-phenolic tackifier is supporting processing aids must be in the production of radial tires, triphenyl bismuth’s growth rate is up to 30% or more. These two additives demand will show rapid growth momentum. In addition, octylphenol polyoxyethylene ether as an excellent non-ionic surfactant demand in China is also very large.

Phthalimide is an important downstream product of phthalic anhydride, foreign general phthalic anhydride and urea synthesis, mainly for the production of pesticides folpet the abundance mouth phosmet, pigment phthalocyanine bronze, analgesic mefenamic acid. In addition, the product can be derived from a large number of prospects for the development of fine chemical intermediates, many intermediates are often in a situation of no market price, with a very good development and application prospects. China's production capacity is about 8000 tons in 2010, the annual output of about 6000 tons / year, the most promising areas in the future herbicides, plant growth regulators, drugs and rubber anti-scorching agent is expected in 2012 the potential market demand more than 15,000 tons / year.

Difluoro benzophenone is mainly used for the synthesis of a potent cerebral vasodilator drugs "and the treatment of senile nerve dementia. Main monomers for the synthesis of novel aromatic engineering thermoplastics PEEK, as a strategic defense and military material PEEK global average annual growth rate in the next five years will remain at around 20%. Medicine 10-hydroxydecanoic acid market grows steadily and is gratifying patent protection expires and other factors, will contribute to China's market demand, the current production capacity is only dozens of tons / year, to meet the market demand, so companies should take advantage of the rich fluorite resources to speed up the industrialization process of the difluoro benzophenone.

Menaquinone is an important intermediate for synthetic K Department of vitamins, China methylnaphthalene as raw material by oxidation synthesis process. Mainly used for the synthesis of vitamin K3 and vitamin Kl, vitamin K, vitamin K4. K-vitamins in the field of medicine primarily used to prevent hemorrhagic disease treatment: used as feed additives in aquaculture, animal husbandry in order to promote animal growth and disease prevention; In addition, synthesis of a variety of pharmaceutical products with biological activity. China's production capacity of 300 tons, the potential market demand for 600 tons, the production falls short, the future focus of development is to promote the technology and development of the electrolytic oxidation of non-chromium oxidation process.

The dimethylacetamide is mainly used in heat-resistant synthetic fibers, plastic films, coatings, pharmaceuticals, acrylonitrile spinning solvent. In the production of organic pigments, after many devices use dimethylacetamide to replace octylferrocene as solvent, the product quality is significantly improved and can meet export requirements. In addition, quality of spandex using dimethyl acetamide as solvent production is better than products using dimethylformamide as solvent. With spandex plant construction has accelerated markedly, and pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyestuffs and pigments industry know clearly about dimethylacetamide solvent, dimethylacetamide has broad market prospects.Source:http://www.mhcfm.com