For other products on the market, the oil of traditional Chinese medicine is a new skin care cosmetics field, before and did not appear a true cosmetic medicine, in Chinese famous Doctor Song Jinggang development, after the ancient Chinese beauty secret of many studies, a traditional Chinese medicine developed China's first essential oils cosmetics, cosmetics, essential oils, but in the end of this medicine does not notice what place? really nourish the skin will have a different effect? ​​small series have also played a big question mark? Therefore, they ask Doctor Song about the Chinese oil cosmetics .

Doctor Song tells us that the skin is distributed in the body organs of the body's appearance, resveratrol there are to maintain the body shape, barriers and absorption, secretion and excretion, temperature regulation, sensation, respiration and so on. The skin itself can selectively absorb some fine material, which is called the skin absorption. It is this function, beauty skin care nutrients into the skin it may play a role.

Nutrients skin cells can be divided into two categories.

The first is for the metabolism of skin cells to provide a required part of the material. Now most of the nutrients contained in cosmetics are all such substances. As the skin cells of normal metabolism is a very complex physiological process that requires chia seed many lives of active substances to participation in order to ensure that its physiological function, but specific to a certain cosmetics which contain nutrients species is very limited, and many of these ingredients or chemical synthesis of simple structure, material, can not be selectively through the membrane into the cell, can only stay in the stromal cells and other tissues, so the effect is not fully used up, the effect is not ideal, but also prone to some side effects, the use of such Cosmetics also prone to dependency, so prone to rebound once the disabled.

The second category is the role of cell function within the device material. They can improve and enhance the physiological activity of the skin cells themselves, docetaxel take the initiative and make the skin cells to maintain and strengthen lasting beautiful skin, perfect features, and because the skin cells themselves have improved, the effect can be cumulative, long-term use will be the aging of the skin delay, these substances in skin care cosmetic can play a multiplier effect, disable the rebound will not occur later. This multi-nutrients present in natural Chinese herbal medicines, they have extracted a high degree of difficulty, because the extraction of nutrients not only to ensure a higher biological activity and efficacy, but also as medicine contains less color, bad smell, it is not toxic, it should only be used in cosmetics.

Cosmetics essential oils used in traditional Chinese medicine is the second category of nutrients, irinotecan which are extracted from natural herbal liquid nutrients, according to the different types of traditional Chinese medicine raw materials, essential oils extracted from traditional Chinese medicine for the skin cells can not only provide physical activity needed to process nutrients, can also act on intracellular function devices, to improve and enhance their own physical activity, making them more beauty and vitality. The use of such nutrients to produce not only opened cosmetics skin care beauty with high efficacy, plant extracts but also to a great extent to reduce the toxic side effects or general cosmetics allergies and so on, more important things, long-term use can radically improve the skin quality, delay cell aging, adding beautiful young skin. Also, disable the rebound phenomenon does not occur.

After listening to Doctor Song professional to explain, we finally cosmetics, essential oils for traditional Chinese medicine is a new understanding, pharmaceutical raw materials but also cosmetics, essential oils of this medicine has a new look, hope that this profound and Traditional Chinese Medicine contains a new cosmetics give our skin new vitality.