Bronze powder’s raw material is copper-zinc alloy. It is a metallic pigment with scaly structure, floating performance in bonding compound, gold luster and pigment nature.  It is produced in special machining and surface chemistry. The bronze powder is a metallic pigment. If the gold oil or vanish are added in bronze powder (FCu 663), the colorful gold oil and gold lacquer will form. It is widely used in the printing, textile, printing, construction, decoration, craft jewelry, metal sculpture and other industries.

Gravure printing because of its brilliant metallic luster, contrast the subject and the dramatic effect, has been widely used in plastic, pictorial, high-grade packaging, cigarette shell, securities printing. Thus a higher demand on the copper powder, gloss, metallic, surface cover rate, particle size and distribution of the major technical indicators, traditional craft production of copper powder has been difficult to meet modern requirements and, therefore, the bronze powder’s depth research and development has important practical significance.

High levels of copper determination is still old iodimetry, a large amount of potassium iodide, high cost, time-consuming, while the newly developed photometric method because of the copper color reagent should not be to high levels of copper determination , it is necessary to study the development of new chromogenic reagent. Trial acetic acid - sodium acetate buffer solution to control pH, EDTA disunion salt as a chromogenic reagent, and determination of high levels of copper in the copper powder. EDTA masking zinc, aluminum and other elements in order to eliminate the interference. The EDTA spectrophotometric determination of high levels of copper in the copper powder obtained satisfactory results, the prospects for the development and application. It is particularly suitable for small businesses laboratory with relatively simple equipments.

In accordance with the particle size, bronze powder can be divided into 200 mesh bronze powder, 400 mesh bronze powder, 600 mesh bronze powder, 800 mesh bronze powder, 1000 mesh bronze powder by metal powder supplier. The greater the mesh is, the smaller the particle size and the greater the surface cover rate will be. The 200 mesh bronze powder is used in gold fabric printing, quick printing. And it is characterized by light and high metal sense. 400 mesh bronze powder is also suitable for screen printing, wallpaper, paint, and incorporated into the plastic. 600 mesh bronze powder is applied in gold fabric, screen printing and crafts coating.

800 mesh bronze powder is used in fabric printing, spray plastic paint, plastic, water-based and non-water-based purposed of wallpaper point paint. 1000-mesh bronze powder is used in the manufacture of high brightness, spray glue paint, wooden materials, screen printing inks and rubber convex plate ink. It is characterized by fine and high brightness. 1200-mesh bronze powder is used in printing ink, paint, plastic and silk screen ink. 150 mesh bronze powder has excellent performance, bright gloss and good stability. So it can be used in manufacturing canned offset printing ink.