With the industrialization upgrading and market demand and development of high-tech functional materials, upgrade, a series of high-tech fine magnesia products can be found in the markets. They are mainly for advanced lubricants, advanced tanning mentioned alkali food grade, pharmaceutical, silicon steel grade, advanced electromagnetic grade, high purity magnesia of nearly ten species composition. According to the special requirements, different magnesia can be made for market demands.
Application of oil magnesia of high level: it is mainly used for detergent of high-level lubricating oil ,vanadium inhibitor, desulfurizer,  and  greatly enhance the density and rheology of lubricating film .Meanwhile, it reduces the ash. In addition to mercury, it lead off the oil or fuel to reduce pollution on the environment. The magnesia with surface treatment can also be used as the complexing agent in the refining process, chelating agents, carriers.It is more conducive for products’ fractionation and improve the quality of the products. Especially in the heavy oil combustion,adding Mg0 can eliminate heavy damage on furnace.
Applications of food-grade magnesia: It is for food additives, color stabilizers, PH value. It is also  added into health care products, food,as magnesium supplements. Sometimes,it can be used as bleaching agent of refined sugar and PH regulating agents of ice cream powder. It is also anti-caking agents and antacids used for wheat flour, milk chocolate, cocoa powder, grape powder, powdered sugar and other fields. It can be used to make ceramics, enamel, glass, dyes and so on.
Application areas about medical grade magnesia: in bio-pharmaceutical field, medical grade magnesium oxide can be used as an antacid, adsorbent, sweetening agent, de-lead agent, and complex filter aid, PH regulators medicine for antacid and laxative, suppression and relieve hyperacidity, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer disease. And the function of gastric acid is strong and lasting long, it does not produce carbon dioxide.
Application areas about silicon steel grade magnesia: silicon steel grade magnesi has good permeability (ie, with large positive magnetic susceptibility) and excellent insulating properties (ie conductivity can be low to 10-14us/cm compact state). It can make silicon surface forming a good insulating layer and magnetic media, to suppress and overcome eddy current and skin effect losses in the silicon steel core (referred to as the iron loss). It can also improve the insulation performance of silicon,  be used as high-temperature annealing agent. By the way, Zinc oxide it also be used for ceramic materials, electronic materials, chemicals and adhesives, additives used in the silicon in the dephosphorization agent, sweetening agent, insulating coating generation agents.
Application of high-level electromagnetic magnesia: used for wireless high-frequency paramagnetic magnetic materials, magnetic antenna, FM and other core components. It can replace ferrite. It is used for the production of composite superconducting magnetic materials, magnetic properties are also used in electronics industry. It is "soft magnetic materials." It is good materials for industrial enamel and ceramic.
Application areas about high-purity magnesia: high-purity magnesium oxide at high temperatures has excellent alkali resistance and electrical insulation. Thermal expansion coefficient and high thermal conductivity make it good light through. It is widely used as high-temperature heat-resistant material. Translucent ceramic used in the field of ceramic crucible, substrate and other raw materials in electrical materials, electrical field magnetic devices for packing, packing materials, insulation and various carriers.
As high thermal conductivity than alumina ceramic substrate 2 times, the loss is  only 1 / 10 of alumina electrolyte. It is also for high-purity fused magnesia raw materials. In chemical ,it can be used as "AR" MgO. Source: www.mhcocm.com