Resveratrol is a polyphenolic compound, and the plant is its only source of food. About more than 70 kinds of plants that can produce this kind of material used to resist fungal and bacterial pathogens attack. There are varying amounts of resveratrol in all of these plants .

Resveratrol sources of data can be traced back to 1940, Japanese scientists isolated from the compound of veratrum album. Polygonaceae plants in Japan also found resveratrol. However, this compound truly become a well-known Frenchman in the diet and health data caused some puzzling. Fat proportion in the French diet is great, but their cardiovascular disease incidence rate is very low, this phenomenon has aroused extensive attention from scientists. The study by resveratrol supplier found that daily consumption of red wine habits of life and the Frenchman. The red grapes is a rich source of resveratrol.

Resveratrol in grape peel and grape seeds. But white wine does not contain resveratrol, which is in the process because white wine does not use the grape skin. One liter of red wine contains about 0.2-5.5 mg of resveratrol. Content differences in grape varieties, soil, cultivation methods, species and pests and diseases and other factors. The red grape juice and Spanish Rose Wine other sources of resveratrol content between 0.06-1.30 mg (150 ml).

The study found that, using the same grape source processing and production of wine resveratrol content than fruit juice. This may be called the new glycosides of the spruce material in the process of making wine can be into resveratrol.

In addition to grapes, peanuts also contain resveratrol. The study by pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers confirmed that boiled peanuts and red grapes, resveratrol content is very similar. For example, a glass of red grapes can provide about 0.25-1.25 mg of resveratrol. A cup of boiled peanuts can also provide the same amount. Cranberries and blueberries contain resveratrol than grapes 10% less. After heating cooked, the resveratrol content of cranberries and blueberries will be further reduced.

At present, there are a lot of research in the further investigation of the benefits of resveratrol side effects and appropriate dose. But before the new findings, it's better for the right amount of consumption. Casings the form of capsules, resveratrol supplements, the recommended intake per day 15-20 mg.