International rules ask for appearing all cosmetics materials compositions on cosmetics packaging. The label names need to be prescribed in the order. Cosmetic products imported from China are without exception. They must be marked on a label affixed to China. Everyone's skin is different in terms of skin care products requirements will differ. Pharmaceutical substances have pharmaceutical properties. They will make cosmetic side effects happened. The very sensitive skin should be careful.

People’s understanding on cosmetic ingredients is not so clear. They just know that in grape seed extract may be propaganda to find the major brands of age, I know you're floating on the surface, Tianshan Snow Lotus to create a whites, but if the material has been playing an instrument, or by adding a number is unknown. Also, cosmetics, water, cream, emulsifiers, stabilizers, antioxidants, preservatives, flavoring and active components into the normal state of the box without a lot of eye-care products, such as Tian Shan Lotus herbs and more.

Plant extracts belongs to the so-called hub of cosmetic active ingredients. Cosmetic raw material suppliers are actually a package of products and all components are classified, otherwise it is prohibited to sell. The future of white "and similar income, natural plant extracts ingredients are not listed on the packaging an interesting subject, the Chinese market or the new, emerging industry, the introduction of the reign of terror from entering the decision to delay the introduction of the regulation of many brands.

Many of these crystals, to protect consumers' rights to know, but when the label cosmetics, propylene glycol, and ascorbic acid phosphate magnesium for consumers, and the slightest doubt in my mind the word is not it? Cosmetics packaging, we began to read the name of the plant material is the best do not know what is good for your skin? Say 'specific plant extracts, active ingredients, including a large cosmetics are "plant extracts" only substances extracted from plants that can cause irritation of deeper problems, for example, arnica extract, did not show the effects of soft speaking activities You can. However, severe Wed therefore not suitable for use on nonintact skin. Mineral oil to allow the air to a range of skin and can cause fear, but of the skin without risk of petroleum products anti - oxidants it was not for the purpose of cosmetic level? In addition, wound healing, the current can promote the most effective cream. And material composition of the consumer's name and identify each cosmetic is not bad, thought it would be a good thing because you have to do her homework, because it should not.

People’s reorganization and configuration on the cosmetics need to be changed because the Chinese’s publication on cosmetics is still in a very basic level. Take the Vitamin C L-C and tretinoin for example, after they quickly become popular in the cosmetics industry, many cosmetics companies start selling the L-C products, or other forms of vitamin C. And every cosmetics company declares that their vitamin C is the best. Consumers are distressed about that. In fact, in the foreign countries, the L-C only has a basic antioxidant. Vitamin C can not solve all the problems of skin care. It is not the only or the best antioxidant. Although vitamin C has its benefits, but aging is not simply things about a lack of vitamin C. There are other good antioxidants such as beta-glucan, vitamin E, vitamin A, green tea, grape extract, selenium, curcumin, lycopene, superoxide dismutase and so on in world.