With the continued growth of the daily chemicals markets in China, many multinational companies are entering the market of raw materials. There are considerable technical advantages of multi-national presence in the high-compression raw domestic companies in China. But these companies provide raw materials, technology and management experience for local companies.

The main thrust of cosmetic share two major trends. This class is based on the safety of ingredients that stimulate the formulation to improve product safety, composition, and materials that promote allergies. Enter a preventive solution to suit a variety of skin irritation redness, itching, burning, and drying the skin. Another product is the main alternative preservative, preservative controversial, choice of preservative is no doubt that future development is the trend in developed areas in Europe and the United States and Japan, Korea and other cosmetic products are preservative in the first option, this trend should prevail in the Chinese market front, the Chinese market to be like the product concept.

Protection option is not to say that the role of alternative preservatives. Preservative, is a versatile and functional requirements for general cosmetic alternatives, such as humidity, while two to corrosion and oxidation, rust, only additional operations such as composition rather than the file format. For example, formaldehyde is slow because of other additives such as long-term use causes cancer rates. China's cosmetics market, anti-allergic materials, preservatives, and alternative materials are no longer just a trend, but the trend. Because the trend is in the future, but the trend is current.

Previously, cost pressures, many cosmetic raw material suppliers, to use a key factor in the price, not the functional aspects of the force, but in recent years, cosmetics allergy, preservatives and extensive discussion in the media. This means that consumer demand for these types of products that are clear, and consumer demand should be the direction of the cosmetics industry, this product is the only option.

Cosmetic raw materials, safety can be included in a variety of content, the first of many harmful elements that can provide protection to consumers of products and materials that had puzzled more and more natural and safe, and now more of a concept of raw materials and finished products , suppliers, safety is key for sensitive skin, regardless of the future development of cosmetics for sensitive skin is an important issue for the future of the industry, or account for 50% of the total market share.

Overall, China's cosmetics market is relatively stable at 20% annual growth on average in 2004-2011 was 2011 growth rate of the active ingredients moisturizing cream, sunscreen, etc., up to 37%, the extract increased by 30%. These data, a significant improvement over the previous year. The development of China's cosmetics market to mature, Chinese companies is gradually added to the price of the supremacy of ideas began to choose the quality of commodities.

China's glutathione cosmetic market has gone through the initial stages of the brand is king. The consumer supports for good brands. Differentiation will be the important ideas and opportunity for enterprise rising. Skin care, makeup, mask, and cosmeceutical market have large potentials. Even the without added anti-allergy concept will become an important trend for cosmetics development in China. Raw material suppliers must adapt to this change. The changes in finished enterprise determine the changes in raw materials companies. Raw materials should develop products according to requirements from specific groups.Source:http://www.cosprm.com