Fine chemical is an important part of petrochemical and chemical industry, which includes traditional and new areas of two parts. The rate of fine chemicals has become a measure of a country or region chemical development of the main signs. Currently, varieties of fine chemicals for more than 10 million. The United States, Western Europe and Japan and other chemical industries in developed countries, and most of its fine chemicals developed, which represents the current level of development of the world of fine chemicals. With the improvement in the level of industrialization of the developing countries, fine and specialty chemicals to the growing demand.

    With China's economic development level, fine chemicals has made great progress, coupled with the chemical industry in China in recent years, structural adjustment, has been based on supporting the development of high-end chemical products, chemical companies to actively encourage the shift of production to replace imported, value-added high, high-tech products as a policy-oriented. China's rapid development of fine chemicals,
Copper Chromite(CC) not only to meet the basic needs of national economic development, and some fine chemical products, also has some international competitiveness as the world's most important fine chemical processing of raw materials and intermediates with the exporter, fine chemical products have been widely applied to various fields of national economy and people's daily lives.

    According to relevant statistics show that the volume is concerned, China has become the world's leading producers of fine chemical products: dye production has ranked first in the world, ranking second in pesticides, paints the fourth place; overall fine Chemical rate has reached 40%. All kinds of fine chemical products not only meet the basic needs of national economic development, and many products in the international market has a considerable share, and some even play a vital role. China ushered in the rapid development of fine chemicals is the golden period. But China pesticides, dyes, paints,
Octylferrocene rubber processing and other traditional fine chemical industry is facing the "quantity and quality is more than enough" situation. After several years of development, China's fine chemical industry has reached a critical node, change ideas, to strengthen the innovation will become an inevitable choice for industrial revitalization.

    Especially in the financial crisis, due to the unique nature of the market and technology, most of the fine chemical products is far less than the harm to ordinary chemical products.
Fine chemicals suppliers dependence on proprietary technology and the market transformation quickly. Fine chemical industry in numerous disciplines, involving a wide range of great influence by the industrial policy, structural adjustment and technological progress from the perspective of intensive management is the future direction of China's fine chemical development. Established in many parts of China Chemical Industry Park, and appropriate incentives, many of which have highlighted the Fine Chemical Industry Park chemical characteristics. This pattern will help to fine chemical industry and with upstream and downstream convergence, will greatly promote the development of fine chemical industry, the future development prospects. Source: