One important characteristic of new-area china fine chemicals is the wide application range. Despite of it, there are different levels of fine chemical products in the consumption from different regions. Some even do not use it. Another characteristic of new field in china fine chemicals is about the small-scale. Some highly specialized products are very limited using in china, so it is difficult to require the products with scale profits. But in the premise of market demand, it is good to reach the economic rationalization.
Most of the new field products in fine chemicals have complex processing and the production rate is low, it is easy to produce large amounts of ‘waste’, so the new field of fine chemicals should strengthen the "three wastes" treatment. First, take a more effective way to generate the production of "three wastes" to govern, to meet emissions standards, 10-Hydroxydecanoic Acid not at the expense of the environment in exchange for economic benefits; second is to develop more advanced and reasonable process route, starting from the source, reduce the "waste" generated more effectively protect the environment.
Renewing and the replacement is a new feature of fine chemicals. With the national economy, the industry continues to accelerate technological progress, the new field fine chemical products continue to make even higher demand, so the new fields need to be constantly fine chemical industry to develop new products to meet market needs.
New areas of china fine chemicals have a late beginning. National Research Fund investment is limited and some of the products are the imitations of foreign products, so the grade is far behind the developed countries’. Some products have already been out in the foreign. Adjustment of the structure in new field of fine chemical products is one of the tasks during the15th plan time.
New areas of the restructuring of fine chemical products to meet the needs of the market direction is based on increasing scientific and technological development, eliminate low efficiency, high raw material consumption and polluting products, the development of highly secure Harmony of food and feed additives, the surface of biodegradable active agent, clean the adhesive, the new electronic chemicals and environmentally friendly leather chemicals, so that new areas of China fine chemical products more reasonable.
China's new development in the field of fine chemicals in China's reform and opening-tzu are inseparable. New areas of fine chemical products with small drop point, attracting many township enterprises using domestic technology development of new areas of fine chemical products, so the township and village enterprises in China's fine chemical industry accounted for a larger proportion of smaller enterprises, a single product, Musk R-1 research and development strength is weak, difficult to adapt to China's future economic development. Therefore, the "15" Plan period up through the restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, etc., from the product of mutual relations Gui starting with the establishment of new areas of Fine Chemicals Group, plus research institutions and production, although the joint between the formation of research, students " and services one-stop, speed up new areas of China the pace of development of fine chemicals.
To make a greater development in new field of fine chemicals in this new century and achieve the objectives identified in planning, the following measures should be implemented: well a number of mature technology, the international competitiveness of major projects, and strive to achieve economies of scale, further expand domestic and foreign markets. Promote a number of high-tech industrialization projects, and rolling development. Further strengthen the focus of scientific research institutions and industry research centers in science and technology development, application and promotion of the role, and actively promote scientific research units closely integrated with the large and medium enterprises. Efforts to promote international exchange and cooperation, the introduction of a number of badly needed new technology, new products and compound application technology. Attaches great importance to environmental protection, and implement the sustainable development strategy. Accelerate the reform, to take multi-channel financing and mode of operation of various economic sectors, seeking common development.
Development proposals: China's developing history of new field in fine chemicals is still relatively short. Research and production base is relatively weak. Comparing with developed countries, there is still a large gap, but the new field of fine chemicals is indispensable to economic development in one of the industries.Therefore the state should tax, investment, etc. to support, promote China's development of new areas of fine chemicals. New field of fine chemicals in view of the difficulty and risk technology development, the state should adopt tender each year into a certain number of research funds, to promote China's scientific research levels. At the same time strictly relevant regulations should be made and limit the use and production from the backward fine chemical products in order to facilitate development of new products.Source: