Since the 1990s, with the direction of deep processing of petrochemical development and the booming high-tech world of fine chemicals has been an unprecedented rapid development, with an annual growth rate of 5% -6% growth rate significantly higher than the chemical industry 2% to 3% growth rate. United States, Europe and Japan Chemical Industry developed the most advanced fine chemicals, fine chemicals represents the current level of development of the world. In recent years, fine chemicals annual sales of approximately U.S. $ 125 billion, ranking first in the world, Europe is about $ 100 billion, Japan is about $ 60 billion in third place. The three together account for about 75% of total world sales of more than. In 2008, the world's fine chemicals market will reach $ 450 billion. Currently, varieties of fine chemicals for more than 10 million.
Over the past decade, China attaches great importance to the development of fine chemicals to fine chemicals, fine chemicals, especially new areas of chemical industry as a strategic key for the development of new materials and an important part of the plan included a number of countries, Triphenyl Bismuth from policies and funding and key support. After nearly 20 years of efforts, China's fine chemical has been considerable development. The fine chemicals dropped from 23.1% in 1985 to 29.78 percent in 1994 to 2007 has reached about 44%. Currently, the fine chemical industry in China's chemical industry has become an important and independent branch of the new economic growth point.
China's rapid development of fine chemicals, not only to meet the basic needs of national economic development, and some fine chemical products, Copper Chromite(CC) also has some international competitiveness as the world's most important fine chemical processing of raw materials and intermediates with the exporter. China's production of chemical pesticides nearly 2,000 enterprises, of which the original drug production enterprises more than 650 (40 large and medium enterprises), processing and packing business about 1350. Types about 250 kinds of original drugs, more than 1,000 kinds of preparations. 2003 and 2004, respectively, the production capacity of 77.2 million t / a and 870,000 t / a, ranks second in the world. Which in 2004 produced insecticide 425,000 t / a, fungicides 91,000 t / a, herbicides 230 000 t / a. Pesticide production not only conform to the needs of development of agricultural production, to achieve sustained rapid growth, and good export prospects. 2003 and 2004, exports were 294,000 t / a and 391,000 t / a, earned $ 730 million, respectively, and 11.9 billion dollars.
China more than 1,000 original dye manufacturers, and now there are about 300, more than 1200 varieties of products. 2003 and 2004, respectively, capacity 804,000 t / a and 843,000 t / a, pigment production was 1.165 million t / a and 1.316 million t / a. The production has to first in the world, and has become the world's first color dye and a major exporter. 2003 and 2004, 218,000 were exported dye t / a and 257,000 t / a, Yan exports were 43.9 million t / a and 538,000 t / a; dyes, respectively, earned $ 630 million and $ 750 million in foreign exchange pigments were 6.3 billion and $ 820 million.
At present, China has established a new field of fine chemical technology development center, or 10, China's fine chemicals suppliers companies more than the total number of 13000, the traditional areas of more than 7,000 fine chemical, fine chemical production of new areas of business nearly 6500, the annual production ability of more than 17 million t / a, 30,000 kinds of product variety, the annual output value of more than 15 billion U.S. dollars, a number of fine chemical products such as dyes, pesticides, etc. in the world. Some fine chemical products to meet domestic demand.  Source: