At present, China fine chemical in new field has formed more than ten categories, such as the food additives, feed additives, industrial surfactants, adhesives, paper chemicals, oil field chemicals, water treatment chemicals, leather chemicals, electronic chemicals and so on. It also achieves significant growth. But China still has relatively weak basis of fine chemicals. The quality and price of most of the products are uncompetitive. With the accelerating global economic integration and China's further opening up, new field of China Fine Chemical is facing serious challenges. So how to develop in the fierce international competition now becomes the primary task of fine chemicals during the time of China’ 15th plan’.
Under the guidance of the national industrial policy, according to a high starting point, to participate in international competition and sustained, rapid and healthy development of requirements, market demand, high-tech as a means to economic efficiency as the core, so that new areas of China fine chemical by the number of planes type of expansion to the development of a paradigm shift quality and efficiency, optimize and upgrade to meet the needs of related industries.
Most of fine chemical products in new areas are mean to meet domestic needs, Triphenyl Bismuth only a few products is based on exports. Thus, according to China's national economy level of development and related industries, the technological level of China's future development of new areas of fine chemicals will continue to meet the domestic demand for the purpose, and vigorously promote the strategic restructuring, the addition of new varieties, the production needed to expand the market capacity for key sectors of the domestic production to meet 90% - 95% of demand, while developing skills and resources with the products, increase international market share.
Overall, China's new field of fine chemical products quality level is relatively low, only few products have passed ISO 9000 quality certification. With China's consumption level and quality of related industries, health and other regulations of upgrades, the related fine chemical products will be increasingly high quality requirements, especially with human health is directly related to the feed, food additives and surfactants , if not in the future production to correct the existing problems, not only affect exports, more importantly, will affect the products in the domestic sales. After joining the WTO in particular, the price is relatively reasonable, and the high quality of foreign products will be diverted to the domestic mass market. Therefore, the "15" should make great efforts during the period to improve product quality, focus on key industries and the quality of the product as soon as possible through the ISO 9000 quality certification. Large amount of products for export abroad should refer to the appropriate product quality indicators for production, to further expand the international market share.
Most of the new field of fine chemical products is the self-developed technology, mostly for the international community after the 1980 level, and many devices are idle equipment in the plant transformation built on the basis of the control level of lagging behind, resulting in raw material consumption product quality is unstable. Therefore, the "15" period to increase scientific and technological development, to transform traditional products, improve technical equipment for the improvement of product quality and reduce costs and create conditions for 2005, so focus on the technological level close to the international advanced level. At the same time, we should vigorously develop high and new technology, efforts to achieve technology and product innovation.
Facing the global chemical industry group and the powerful combination of trends, "15" period through cross-sectoral and inter-regional alliances, restructuring, training a group with strong financial, technical innovation and management capabilities of enterprise groups to solve For a long time the field of fine chemical manufacturer of new small and scattered situation, Lead Citrate with the support of state funds, so that each area can have their own form of several companies to compete with foreign groups the ability of large groups, take the road of division of labor, complementary advantages , new areas to improve China's overall strength of the fine chemical industry.
Although the new field of fine chemical products are mostly higher value-added products, but new areas of China fine chemical efficiency is not satisfactory. Many reasons for this result, but with low-level redundant construction have a direct relationship. In order to increase their development potential, it is necessary to improve efficiency, increase research investment, the field of fine chemical products to adapt to the new replacement and quickness. Thus, the profitability of key enterprises in 2005 should reach 15% - 20%, focusing on products for more than 25 percent of margins, so that businesses can invest more money each year for new product development.
Fine chemicals belong to heavily polluting industries, especially for the small fine chemical companies in new areas. On one hand, there are inadequate attentions on environmental protection. On the other hand, we do not have enough money for the ‘three wastes’ treatment, resulting in serious environmental pollution consequences. Good ecological environment is a prerequisite for sustainable development of the national economy. Therefore, the new field of fine chemical industry should pay more attention to environmental protection. During the 15th plan time, fine chemicals companies in new field of should deal with existing pollution effectively and strict implement the national emission standards. Most of the business will try to get through ISO 14000 certification.Source:http://