Disposal of condened silicafume refers to the collection of condened silicafume in the production of industrial silicon or Si-Fe alloy whose silicon content is greater than 75%. It is a comprehensive utilization process. The condened silicafume is the particles from oxidation and condensation of a large number of high-temperature SiO and Si gas in production of industrial silicon or Si-Fe alloy whose silicon content is greater than 75% greater. It is also known as silicon powder.

Smelting 75% ferrosilicon output about 10% condensed silica fume; the Smelting silicon can produce about 15 percent of the condensation of silica fume. Precipitator collection. The condensation of silica fume is a kind of breathing (also known as respirable) dust. It floats in the air a long time, the spread of serious environmental pollution, and easily into human lungs, the settlement in the alveoli, causing silicon pulmonary disease.

The condensation of silica fume is an amorphous structure, with a good ash surfactant. Increased with the carbon and iron oxide content of condensed silica fume appearance and color, from white, gray, gray to dark gray change; particulate average particle size of 0.1 ~ 0.15μm. The condensation of silica fume is an ultrafine particles, specific surface area of ​​about 200000cm2/g, about 50 times larger than the fly ash, the particle surface smooth cylindrical and spherical.

The condensation of silica fume is a capable of industrial application of high quality admixture and raw materials. Use it for mortar, concrete admixtures, can improve the porous structure, increased density can greatly improve the performance of strength and wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impermeability, frost, there are special requirements engineering, such as high-rise buildings, tunnels, harbors, dams, roads, bridges, oil platforms, large pipes and other works. Condensation of silicon powder mixed in the high alumina bricks, magnesite brick, sliding nozzle brick and other refractory materials to improve quality.

When metal powder supplier uses condened silicafume in the low cement and ultra low cement refractory castable, it will increase the strength of room temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. It will improve performance of high temperature resistant and high temperature erosion resistant. It can be applied in harsh working conditions and kiln or high temperature devices where common refractory castable can not bear. In addition, the condensed silica fume can also be used for the production of high-modulus sodium silicate and high temperature coatings. It is used as filler for organic materials, insulation materials for molten metal and anti-caking agent for fertilizers. If it is heated with potassium hydroxide or potassium carbonate, the slow potassium silicate agricultural fertilizer will be prepared.