Compare with more and more emphasis on functionality and simplicity of style in the senior women's wear industry now, clothing accessories of the bag has chosen a diversified design, strange idea, with varying results, seems to be a hurry to let the public know actors, we are all quiet, when suddenly raised voice, attracted much attention. Originally, clothing in the bag can also be a lively elves too!
Style popular in the nation this season, but this type of bag must-have item. Think about it, if a gypsy-style dress in place, pack, or angular, square, neatly style, is not it unpleasant? The girls like to dress up if you missed this season in the national style of small bags, be regarded as a shame. This bag, which can be coupled with a long rope small square package, Messenger in the chest, the kind of easy road; can be learned from her mother as to the craft,
nonwoven bags one day free, following the sun the kind of hands-woven; can be embroidered on the suede or satin, decorated with beads, more the kind of lady style ... ... China's ethnic minorities, gypsy style, Ming and Qing style and even with religious and cultural diversity of patterns or colors , will lead to a dress you more inspiration.
People's love of fur is back! Really soft, top quality hair and colorful imitation, wit and a lot of hair in the days when still cold, but with a sweater or fitted jacket to share. Lightweight and easy to carry without losing the identity of the big advantages of fur bags, short hair bag a more elegant appearance, mature; long hair look cute bag some younger; be dressed with a small feather on the bag, of course, will be very eye-catching, but if you are not good at doing addition game,
rpet bag do not use it easily, with properly, it is easy to feel ridiculous.
Dress style is simple and generous mature women can continue to walk elegantly simple way. The bags are more classic shapes and sizes, the difference is in the pattern selection and carry on with more details such as hand scrutiny, as a bold color can also be a return, after all, is the new century, too dark expression probably does not too would welcome it!
Retro back is the latest in fashion magazines in the English high frequency of use of the word, meaning the time back to the 20th century to the sixties and seventies, as the magic art of the period, looking for the classic art of modern expression. It really brought a new popularity,
reusable bag both classic and fresh, both nostalgic and modern. Bag itself has a simple shape to this popular provides a good background, this new section of the package no less feminine, can not make people like it?
Haute couture industry to practical use when the bags are to fine variety. The bags on the design and production process as a complex process, the result will become the value of expensive bags. Launch of the new major brand in the bag, this trend can be seen almost everywhere: sometimes, fine diamond beads, allowing you to savor, pondering for some time; sometimes, though not so complicated, But above all loose or follow the ideal proportion neat deal was perfect, flawless. More frequent in the social life today, with one or two such bags should not be a luxury, but not luxury. Source: