Can minoxidil promote hair growth? The results show that it is entirely possible. Using minoxidil for 12 months, all 102 participants achieve significant results in hair growth. 84% of the patients have moderate or dense hair growth. Even taking into account all subjects, its response rate is over 68%. Is the hair growth meaningful or just a surface phenomenon? The further study shows that it is meaningful for 84% of cases to do continuous tests. But some cases give up the trial because. They believe that the hair is no longer fall off or grows slow. Hairs of 22% of subjects become thicker. There are 54 patients who are very enthusiastic to continue to use minoxidil. The efficiency rate is about 54%.

In 12 months, minoxidil maintains at a level of 2.7ng/ml. But cosmetic raw material suppliers find out that it is not the highest data. But we can thus see that the body's absorption, minoxidil has not been that the non-androgen in the body. For patients with a high degree of ideological burden, decreased libido is not a serious problem, such issues to interrupt the use of minoxidil and later may disappear within 48 hours after 72 hours of interrupted hormonal assessment, although this estimate is a rough prediction of the hormone content of reducing situation, but it does not explain its content is lower than normal levels, these studies can not exist in sexual desire and topical minoxidil because of a causal relationship can not prove the role of the Non-androgen. But these phenomena are indeed in line with the symptoms of drug’s side effects.

Do only those people who have only alopecia in short time get the maximum benefits through the use of minoxidil? For subjects who continue to use minoxidil, some patients whose alopecia time is no more than four years also made a good effect, some people use minoxidil thereafter, the second year of the hair growth faster in the first year, but some effects can not be satisfactory in the second year. The second year in a good effect, and can not explain because the population increase in the concentration of minoxidil alopecia duration can not be as favorable or unfavorable effect of projections are based on, for the vast majority of patients choose to continue to test a is not the end of the reaction. Some reaction is somewhat special in a way, patience is mainly determined by the physician and patient, topical minoxidil can be observed in the four months the possibility of significant hair growth is rarely used. After one year use, some of the effects may emerge. If people use it in more than one year, it is no doubt for them to get very satisfactory results.

How to interpret the first four months of treatment the placebo response? Terminal hair growth slightly slower than in the placebo group to study the first four months of active treatment group. But the experimental data from minoxidil supplier shows that the placebo group lacks of effectiveness.

How about the security of topical use of minoxidil? Two subjects have atopic dermatitis and other four people have scalped itching. These smaller negative impacts can be considered as side effects of topical minoxidil. Short-term skin edema can occur in some subjects. But it is more obviously related with diet than the drugs. There are no significant changes of pulse and blood pressure. But the sexual and impotence for two subjects can not be explained. The symptoms may be related to psychological factors. In looking for an objective standard, it should be cautious and serious.Source: