The downturn of global economic hit much on the Europe and America chemical industry. Much different from the paint and pharmaceutical area on Innovation formulacosmetics and personal care industrial is very positive in using fresh product, and quite repid in bringing out new item. In order ot develop new profit growth point ,European and American chemical companies pushout an innovative cosmetic and personal care products which combine  more functionality and comfort.
Swiss Mibelle biochemicals company exhibited PhytoCellTec cosmetics ingredients, is a scarce plant in Switzerland stem cell configuration is made with superior storage stability, its unique mechanism to help the skin repair delay aging.
Japan's Mitsubishi Corporation belongs to vitamin C 60 fullerene class of biological research companies (also known as buckyballs products) in personal care applications equally innovative. Allegedly, moisturizer and skin care products astaxanthin can be added to this substance gives it excellent resistance to oxidation. The company's products will be introduced radical sponge into water-soluble fullerene polymer, the surface of the skin after use, can capture the skin due to exposure to strong sunlight produced by free radicals, which make the skin look more smooth and more health.
Wacker Chemie Group, two innovative products allow users to more surprises. One is a newly developed silicone elastomer gel, it can extend the duration of action of cosmetics and has a comfortable sense of softening. The new silicone elastomer gel has multiple excellent performance in different cosmetic formulations can play different roles, such as adhesion in powder formulations is agent, biotin and in the skin cream and lip liner formula is film-forming agent. It can form a layer in cosmetics elastic membrane connected to each other, well attached to the skin, while no adhesive feeling, and it has water repellency, then give the cosmetics silky soft feel. In addition, the silicone elastomer gel excellent film forming and adhesion properties also improve water resistance of cosmetic products, make eye liners, mascara and makeup products, decorative much longer duration. Another key product is the WACKER cyclodextrin tea tree oil complexes. This compound is suitable for embedded cosmetics and personal care products, cosmetics industry, it has opened up new ideas, API supplier so easy to tea tree oil for skin care and personal care products, will allow consumers to enjoy the first time this highly the full effect of volatile oil.
Australian tea tree oil on the culling of many micro-organisms have a strong role and has a repellent effect. However, this oil is volatile, strong odor in the air and the rapid oxidation under the action of light, while a can stimulate the skin and cause allergic compounds, these side effects so far difficult to really make tea tree oil for the cosmetics industry . Wacker reversible molecular flush-mounted by way of the tea tree oil in cyclodextrin in fixed solve these problems. Generated so that tea tree oil complexes become stable, reduce the odor problem, and let the tea tree oil in a controlled manner in order not to change the chemical structure of the initial state to reach the skin, thus avoiding skin irritation.
Dow Corning silicone products as a supplier partnership with another company to launch a wax derived from soybeans, Cosmetics material which can replace petroleum-based products for skin and hair care products, skin care products gives silky-like feel, or used hairspray to make straight hair more shiny and more slippery. Allegedly, the original compared to petroleum-based wax, this renewable product also has a cost advantage. Source: