Engaged in technology development for 11 years, has been studying the effectiveness of a variety of ingredients can bring the real effect of the skin in the cosmetics industry, I have done the trial of the efficacy of cosmetics materials to a female friend here, I talk about this experienced several years of R & D of the tretinoin products:

One of my female friend, 35 -year-old, thin, dry skin, skin is more sensitive than the white, color, his face has more wrinkles, I gave her a 0.01% tretinoin activating water ( because the weather was very hot, cream too much oil ), at night, once every other day, with two weeks after switching to 0.02% retinoic acid water, two weeks after start night time.

Process is very safe to use, there is no obvious peeling after about 20 days, skin texture change a lot, showing shiny, rosy, wrinkles reduce gradually, into October, due to the weather gets colder, so change0.03% retinoic acid moisturizer and daily use at night time, she was very good, the skin continues to improve, the original yellow and dull color gradually changes to white and red, the skin is very elastic and shiny in my eyes, her skin can basically be considered reborn, I will continue to observe her use of retinoic acid in the end to give the skin a huge difference. Summary of the retinoic acid research and development experience in the past few years, I think the main note the following:

Retinoids make the skin to some extent dry summer use, the skin in the summer, too much oil, retinoic acid aqueous solution is the best choice , summer oil supplement too easily lead to too much skin even Zhangdou burden; but into the winter, reduce the number of human skin secretion, so should be used in moisturizing and moisturizing ability of retinoic acid products, so that the skin has been in a moist state, the appropriate choice of retinoic acid products is essential.

From the low concentration, until the skin to adapt to, I also have quick success, but caused by the unsuccessful cases can not stick to the skin fully adapt to retinoic acid takes about 4-6 months time.

Should be suspended, the use of tretinoin during the depth of facial care, some facial products, including scrub, exfoliating products, alcoholic Toner and toner, cleanser containing drugs and cosmetics, may retinoic acid to react to avoid, unless your skin is really thick enough.

Retinoic acid can make the surface dead skin off, which is equivalent to the natural protective layer in addition to skin and UV resistance. User every morning to be coated with sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher; can also be used in the local antioxidant products can reduce inflammation, such as green tea essence.

The first two weeks every three days buy tretinoin and using, the next two weeks every other day once, and then increased to once a day. For some people, especially fair-skinned, light color of the iris, the adaptation process may be longer.

Source: http://www.cosprm.com