Although the global economy entered into a downward trajectory, the special status of agriculture in the national economy related to people's livelihood. Demand of agricultural products is still from population growth, consumption upgrade and biological alternative energy. It makes the agricultural products still in a bull market. Strength of the agricultural products lead citrate make global crop increased significantly. And it also increased demand for pesticides. The fine chemical pesticide industry is still in a business cycle.

Agricultural products will be long in a better market, based on the following three reasons: the world's population growth led to a sustained increase in demand for agricultural products. The world's population in recent years has maintained rapid growth with an average annual rate of 75 million of the increase. Presumably, to 2050, the total global population will reach 9.2 billion, continued population growth will greatly increase the demand for agricultural products. Consumer to upgrade to promote the demand for agricultural products to be further expanded. With the demand of people's lives, improving the quality of meat, poultry and eggs and milk and other animal foods has increased considerably. The new U.S. energy bill to pull to promote agricultural prices. Due to the implementation of copper chromite (CC) subsidies for ethanol production, for the production of fuel ethanol from corn in 2006-2007 to 54 million tons 2007-2008 will reach 84 million tons, close to the total world corn trade.

Land contract management rights transfer, the development of various forms of moderate scale operation, which undoubtedly will completely break the original extensive and even destructive mode of operation, conducive to the establishment of large-scale agriculture, intensive agricultural production, modernization, greatly improving the efficiency of agricultural production. Moderate scale operation to take full advantage of abandoned farmland, and reduce the opportunity cost of farmers farming. In this context, fine chemical pesticides and fertilizers industry due to an increase in the acreage and sustainable growth opportunities.

Fine Chemicals and Pesticides in agricultural production costs constitute a smaller proportion of the user's lower sensitivity. In the production costs of China's three major food crops, pesticides accounted for only about 4%. With global warming, the occurrence of pesticides pests and diseases area fluctuations to rise slowly and directly enhances the demand for pesticides. By climate anomalies affect the wheat stripe rust was re-issued trend. Gansu, Ningxia, northwest part of the onset of autumn seedlings is the worst since the 1990, the incidence of propagating area of ​​Sichuan, Guizhou, and Southwest winter was more severe in the year-round. Stripe rust area is likely to more than 700 acres. Wheat stripe rust in the national pandemic prevention and control of the situation is extremely severe.   

China grass stem borer sources there are winter cocoon distribution of a wide area, high density, and high survival rates before the winter, farmland, field ridges, wasteland, woodland, grassland and orchards are distributed. Meadow moth overwinter volume, the highest lead salicylate since the year 1996 outbreak cycle. Insect base with the generation of meadow moth outbreak in 2010. Occurrence of meadow moth in the northeast, north, northern risky, arduous task of monitoring and control.

Migrant workers’ returning also has more complex and subtle influences. It is difficult to distinguish whether it is positive or negative. From the perspective of negative factors, the decline in farmers 'income levels may lead to farmers' production motivation declined. In the point of view of positive factor, the migrant workers may return to prostitution. They begin their farming on the dawn of the spring farming. It will make demand of fine chemicals pesticides raised.Source: