This process is a fine chemical industry with manufacturing, production. Management of the production process has its own characteristics. The main materials are though mixing materials, separation, crushing, heating, and other physical or chemical method to add its values. Generally, the production is on the batch or continuous discrete. Compared to the fine chemical, there are following particularity.

Knowledge, skills, resources and capital-intensive, the typical scale industry and professional products, technologies, processes other than manufacturing, the continuity of the process is relatively strong, complex process management and scheduling attributes of various parameters Traditional oil industry, chemical industry, rapid technological advances of the other hand, relatively stable and the production of procurement planning, inventory management, asset management, issues management replacement parts, product structure is relatively simple , less than the amount of materials and design almost the same. In the chemical octylferrocene industry ERP using a formula that describes the structure and meaning, and materials planning and technical indicators, allowing the evaluation of the company. Everyone, of course, just beginning or intermediate composition range of the byproducts of the cone upside down and I have no by-products, the materials are returned, and waste containers of the pipe is to control the storage of liquids, gases or powder, granular and more energy. Describes the structure of the formula for this type of product requirements also apply to large.

Special equipment or facilities, processes and chemical processes that use the capacity is relatively fixed, the process is continuous maximum and minimum daily output of goods between the strong fluctuations and the possibility of gain, electrical, have high quality, raw materials and changes in process parameters can be equipped with a classification. The waiting time data access and the process does not end on all fronts and a very short time and continuous, and usually is not a product problem. Chemical Company, generally has a wide range of production facilities, a relatively large, comprehensive, have limited capacity. The production, maintenance, failure is not particularly important, as it is wrong, and all losses incurred in their production will stop.

The changes in supply and demand, only for the production of the control parameters, if you can not answer. The only option for controlling the production of balance of production when their needs change, continuous manufacturing process, special attention. The variety of materials stored in the morphology of the chemical industry, raw materials and products are generally liquids, gases, dust, typically cans, containers, boxes, drums, storage, etc., and the top of the stack can be used on an electronic sensor. The high degree of automation, fine chemicals wholesalers are using mass production, the production technology is more mature control of the manufacturing process, mainly due to management, and monitoring equipment for the production workshops, automatically DCS, PLC, including manufacturing equipment automation, the work is ready to recover.

The annual specialty plan is important to chemicals company. The annual production plans and sales plans determine the materials procurement plans and monthly production plans. Under normal circumstances, the company signed a supply contract and the settlement payment by month. The material balance of daily or weekly production plan relies on the raw material inventory to ensures and regulate. Role of the plan is to coordinate the different processes departments synchronized production. Strict control of intermediate products, plans can be divided into batch scheme and batch scheme. Between the master production schedule and operating plan, unlike the discrete industry "work order", but only the instruction plan issued. In addition, as the chemical companies’ production plan issued, at the same time the plants will issue a quality testing program and equipment maintenance program.