Now the whole world is calling for people to choose environmentally friendly way of life, such as pay for their carbon emissions, more vegetarian, choose organic foods, buy energy efficient appliances, building zero-energy community, and so on. Environmental protection, energy conservation and in order to survive the next generation of environmental slogans, etc. can cause people always resonate, people mind soft, people will understand the harmony of truth.
But the current situation, it is environmentally friendly, all inevitably bear certain costs to pay: a cabbage, once labeled organic eco-label, the price is the common cabbage 2 to 4 times; the same appliance, once known as the energy The name of the first, higher than,
nonwoven bags the price of hundreds and even ordinary electrical thousand dollars; an ordinary light bulb as long as the price of a few dollars, and a brand of energy saving light bulbs are up to tens of dollars; and some claim to be environmentally friendly the principle of selecting the brand of raw materials, the price of each item, are enough to be prohibitive.
Not only that, when combined with environmental protection and fashion when it's luxury for ordinary people more difficult to understand. When the name of environmental protection appear "I'm not a plastic bag" cotton bag once available on sought after by everyone. Although it was listed when only five pounds, but a few months later the price doubled a few times on ebay, its price pushed higher to $ 199, this is the case,
rpet bag you want to lead it back home, or rely on scraping and luck.
The package which is offered for sale in Taiwan, but also triggered a strong push led by the injuries, the scene was very hot. Behind it, Hermas introduced both when the wallet, like a scarf "SilkyPop", priced at nearly $ 1,000; Chanel is not far behind, launched a $ 1,000 green patent handbag, such a high price, so the general public that environmental protection makes it difficult to close. Faced with this luxury environmentally friendly fashion, we must ask, choose environmentally friendly, it really can only select the "expensive"? When the environment becomes a responsible, how do we find a balance between environmental protection and affordable it?
Throughout the world's environmental performance,
non woven bag china we find that they carry out economic incentives for environmental protection and the implementation of preferential policies for environmental protection has played a significant role in certain areas and time to achieve good results. For example, the U.S. Government on the ecological environment construction and protection very seriously, most of the money invested by the Government. To increase the farmers in the upper basin of water and soil conservation initiative, the United States using soil and water conservation compensation mechanism, reusable bag that benefit soil and water conservation areas downstream from the basin of the upper reaches of government and residents to make environmental contributions to the residents of monetary compensation. Through this financial compensation in the form of tangible benefits both the residents, but also further motivate the environmentally friendly behavior, and serve two purposes. Source: