According to reports, in recent years, the world's total annual sales of chemical products is about 1.5 trillion dollars, fine chemicals and specialty chemicals for a total annual sales of approximately $ 380 billion. Among them, fine chemicals and specialty chemicals, the average annual growth rate of about 5% -6%, 2-3 percentage points higher than the chemical industry. In 2010, the average annual global fine chemicals market grew by 6%.

Investment Advisor in the chemical industry researcher Chang Yizhi that in recent years, as the world economy continues to raise the level of development and technology, fine chemical industry, the world has gradually developed into maturity. Currently, Copper Chromite(CC) fine chemicals and specialty chemicals have been higher than normal rate of development of chemical products, refinement of the countries the rate is also rising.

According to the Investment Adviser's "China Fine Chemical Industry 2010-2015 Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" shows that in the 1980s, developed the refinement rate of about 45% -55%; to 90 years 55% - 63%; to the 21st century, the refinement of the developed countries the rate has reached 60% -70%. The refinement of the rate in recent years, China is also rising, which, in 2008, China's refinement rate of about 35% by 2009, Octylferrocene  China's refinement rate has reached 40%.

Chang Yizhi further pointed out that the level of refinement rate is a measure of a country or region of the chemical industry an important indicator of the level of development. Moreover, the development of fine chemical industry with a basis for the country's economic size and level of development of the petrochemical industry very closely. Currently, fine chemicals and specialty chemicals production and consumption mainly in the United States, Western Europe and Japan and other developed countries and regions, 10-Hydroxydecanoic Acid countries and regions, the total turnover of specialty chemicals specialty chemicals worldwide turnover of about 3 / 4 or more, the highest rate of refinement.

Chang Yizhi that since the fine chemicals and specialty chemicals is closely related with the size of the economy, the future, as a higher level of industrialization in developing countries, the global fine chemicals and specialty chemicals market space will be gradually expanded, fine chemicals suppliers  thereby increasing the fine chemicals and specialty chemicals consumption. Investment Advisor in the Research Director Zhang Yanlin also believes that the fine chemical is an important part of the chemical industry, the degree of industrialization in developing countries to improve the future for the fine chemical products will provide a vast market space, making fine chemical products in the market growth has accelerated.