Since the beginning of 2012, the calm international chemical industry began their annexation actions. Major multinational paint, coatings raw materials giant’s takeover battles begin and the acquisition has become a hot word. Throughout the recent acquisition, we can see the shadow of international capital group. After the world financial crisis, the financial and real estate go into the crisis. It is difficult to restore rapid growth in a short term. For pursuit of the high rate return, capital operation group searches the target. The fine chemicals have become the new hot spot for investment.

Fine Chemicals has become a strategic focus of world chemical industry. It is one focus with fierce competition in chemical industry. Paint is just one kind of fine chemical industry. Single coatings industry from the point of view, over the past decade, China paint production has been raising in 2010 reached a record 9,666,300 tons. And coating raw materials triphenyl bismuth in 2011, with the acceleration of the urbanization process in China, as well as the rapid development of industrial coating industry will be more far reaching impact. The coatings industry is just fine chemical industry, a microcosm of the fine chemical industry in the next few years will also high-speed development. High value-added of fine chemical industry make it have vital importance for capital groups.

At the beginning of 2009, the acquisition action of the global coatings industry is quite frequent. Analysts believe that as the petrochemical and basic chemical profit margins shrinking, more and more capital to core industries, to the fine chemical direction of transfer. They intends to occupy future commanding heights by leading biotechnology, new materials lead salicylate and new energy technologies. Foreign coating raw materials and coatings giants’ acquisition activities verify the claim.

In recent years, with the continuous development of the world economy and technological level, the fine chemical industry in the world has entered a mature stage of development. At present, the rate of development of fine chemicals and specialty chemicals have been higher than normal chemical products, fine rate of countries is also rising. Fine chemicals and specialty chemicals is closely related to the economies of scale with the improvement in the level of industrialization in developing countries, the global fine chemicals and specialty chemicals market space will be gradually expanded, thereby increasing the fine chemicals and specialty chemicals consumption; the next level of industrialization in developing countries to improve will also provide a vast market space for the fine chemical products. And makes fine chemical products in the market growth has accelerated.

In recent years, chemical raw materials have also made extraordinary development. The rapid development of chemical raw materials also provides a broad market for fine chemicals. With the economic situation improves, the fine chemical industry’s domestic demand and the capacity will be continuous expanded. Fine chemicals wholesalers’ frequent acquisition also becomes a interpretation in another way: the fine chemical industry has become a new economic growth points.

As a small branch of the fine chemical, paint industry’s market is raising from the continuous acquisition and mergers. Acquisition brings revolutionary changes in the paint industry and paint industry technology continues to improve. It plays a catalytic role. It is expected in the coming time, the acquisition of the chemical industry can bring more fresh blood for coatings industry. It lays the foundation for health and sustainable development of coatings industry.Source: