Precision in the chemical, fine chemicals is one of precious chemicals for national economy. Relatively complete industrial system was established. It includes photographic materials, paints, dyes, brighteners, light, organic pigments and aroma.

Fine chemicals are a process. It is also a manufacturing process industry. The production control is characterized by its own. The main raw material 10-hydroxydecanoic acid substances in the mixture, separation, crushing, heating, physical or chemical means and other raw materials are added. Way and the placement of continuous production in general.

The side of the system unmanageable, fine chemical industry, the costs is difficult, complex procedures. A number of products, while at the same time to produce a common product, which is part of another product or intermediate product in the oven, between all the processes, the product temperature, pressure, humidity, and the manufacturing conditions and the other, and output the results of the change and the output is necessary to follow the same process, the cooling and compression. Product features fine chemical industry to determine the complexity of the product cost. Chemical industry, the accuracy of various raw materials, fuels, ores, and the power of a broad standard of management is a problem with the input raw material costs, how the moisture content of volatile raw innocence of the question these basic needs factor is calculated.

The company's products, such as fine chemicals, in some cases, the same raw materials such as salt, in bulk, coal, railway, iron ore, upload your own place for the car mainly in shipping, transport and rail, truck, boat, water is a silver intermodal centralized procurement of raw materials costs and operating costs, rather than shipping the raw material suppliers and customers a diverse set of terms of delivery shall be paid only to bill the Customer, including the management of orders and shipping the disc, and sometimes that. Most of the (ship), followed by Regin'itoda before removing the shipping items for sale in sustainable supply of raw materials and products, transport and education.

Use of steam, such as material consumption in fine chemicals suppliers in accuracy associated with the production of raw materials and components, may occur, particularly water, electricity, gas, engineering, evaporation, especially drip tube, liquid or gas, is the main material is a powder. Purchases of raw materials, receiving, storage, end to end of the main production site, the material properties of the transfer tube, you will not always be the weight of the weight.

Precision chemical companies need to deal with many brand type of packages, a variety of packaging, a variety of cans and packaged products. Different packaging have different prices. Different packaging products can be shared in unpacking and re-dilution, pressure and change temperatures. Them new products form. When the packaging is dear, it needs to calculate the cleaning costs of packaging materials and successive change its storage costs.Source: